Friday, April 30, 2010

when qist not out for a day to da playground~~~

as today i am full with mamakuQis thingy, qist had to rela hati follow me everywhere. as ila, my youngest sis, is coming back today, so mama has asked me to bring the single foam mattress from home. once reached papa's crib, i loaded all stuff including the mattress. this is what happen when qist in not going to the playground for a day....

qist's slide invention!!!!!

before start..... ready & standy by 

haa... she carried her socks as well... while talking to her socks, she let go the sock~~!! konon2 mcm socks tu take part la in this slide challenge! 

qist was sooooo happy playing~~~ not only with her socks, but also nenek's tupparware plates and mimi from upin ipin!!!! hahaha.. this is the funny part coz i heard she was talking like taking turns to slide etc. rupe2nye..... mimi yg chinese girl!! alahai mimi~~~ comei sgt!

sure ku pengsan gelak tgk ni~~!!!! hohohohoho


syukur alhamdulillah mamakuQis received another business opportunity while out for printing today. insyaAllah if its meant for our rezeki, we will be partnering for 

hamper boxes 

for various companies!!! continue supporting us ya~~
*wow..they do supply to Hilton i guess.. looking at her sample of printed boxes* 

*peeps, sorry ya my post today very short & sweet.. all about mamakuQis. will keep posting tonite!
Doakan us peeps!

busy busy busy

veryyyyy busy with artwork for mamakuQis cookies. thing to get done

artwork for biz card, artwork for bunting, printing, sticker, >150 boxes of cookies

i am very very tight today! owh... wondering what izzit for?

stay tune~~~

Thursday, April 29, 2010

dup dup... dup dup...

the winner for 1000 hits on mamakuqis's blog is

~ azreen anuar ~

congrates babe!!! thanx for supporting mamakuqis's blog :)

her feedback on Q "why do you read my blog?"

Your blog is short and simple…..tak perlu spend banyak masa membaca
Santai dan kemas…..senang nak baca setiap entry
I love designer handbags... u plak bagi option untuk I order handbagtu....lagi la i suka

hope you loikee you prezzie of choice! yes... she choose her own prezzie out of 3 choices 
*satu cukopla kan...reserve utk org lain jugey~~*

yeay esok cuti~!!!

yiiiipppiiieeeeee!!!!!!! mmg sgt lah high jump gitew~~~

owh owh... whos the winner for 1000 hit counter?? check out tonite!!

what is your AMBITION?

haa.... thats always the Q asked ever since we are sooo cute up to now when we are soo hot! *ehem ehem* as far as i remember, i grew up with different kind of ambition at different stage of life. i bet u r as well~~~ *sila jgn nafikan ye* but somehow some, or should i say most of us grew up to be totally different from what we aspire to be. for me, here are

my ambitions

primary school = stewardess

bolleeey??? haha. yes truely i wanted to be one. its just becoz those lady got to be in the aircraft, fly around the world, free holiday here & there. those day naik airplane ni not so cheap like today. no low cost, all mas. so kids w seriously loaded pocket je could fly!

lower secondary school = architect

tell u im good at drawing & colour ok. i have stable hand *yelaaa.... thats the requirement to be one* im good at transferring ideas into paper, i can visualize a drawing/an idea to be reality. so i think being one is the best for me! somemore azhar sulaiman is handsome & is archi as well~~ ala...can count as well kan? motivator nih..!!!

upper secondary school = engineer

going into technical school, i felt like becoming an engineer. although i dont know what the h**l is chemical engineer, and since engineer is quite glamour u know. yelaa... if org tya "u keje ape?" "engineer" tak ke bangga tu. and summore i just dont want to be in the same line with my 2 sisters *hi u ols!* and for me, taking engineering subject is much more challenging than business subject. and i wanted to get sponsor from big O&G company

university = simulation engineer

wah~~ this is more specific dah. my interest has focus to simulation. i like software, analytical, process modeling subject. i just loiiiikee!!!! and for me to study in a widely known uni in msia, i am so proud to work with the company. and summore when ppl said chemical engineering is the 5th toughest engineering in the world at that time, i would like to prove myself that i can excel to be one of the high flyer result
*eksyen sungguh!*

working = management

here i am doing that thing now. i like to do this simply becoz i can see the organisation as a whole. i like to see things from top to bottom, 360deg. i just love dealing with people, networking with management, developing capability.. u name it! i love the whole story about developing people

now = business
wah gitew~!! i am into this thing since i was young. but i just dont realise it *or was i in denial??* for me, business makes me tak duduk diam. i just cant go to work everyday and comeback home with nothing else to do except housework & family. of course i like doing that~~ i like to keep myself busy and do many things at one time. my dad always said "u never know if u can do it unless u tried once". and for me to try, and fall, and try again, and continue trying, is making me feel soooooo alive! hahahha

future = where to ya?

working abroad maybe......this is not a hint to resign yee... harap maklum!!

so what is your ambition?

OMG.......... hurrryy!!!!!

hye ya ols~~~~~ im soooo excited looking at the hit counter that will turn into 4digits!!!!!! since today is last day of working in April *esooook cutiiii!!!*, i want to giveaway something~~~~

easy easy.... print screen the number 1000 hit counter and email me at

*not applicable for overseas viewer at this moment :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


why la this afternoon i feel soo exhausted. felt no energy. rasa nk demam, tapi rasa cam tak demam. hurmm........ shoulder feels uneasy too. kan best if i have my own private SPA


viewing open sea

simply heaven~~!!

*owh maldives...nape la jauh sgt!

another trip as personal shopper

peeps peepss!!! went to prada & ferragamo. owh... miss ferragamo has so many collection yg sgt cantik. i mean... the purse. it range between rm1300-rm1800. cannot take pics la 

so went out to prada pulak. here the collection simpler. the wallet range between rm1300-rm1600. i took some pics. 

owh yes yes!!!! i tried this shocking pink babe~~ soooo chantek. rm3000. so gurls, can decide now?

history repeated......

i was wide awake this morning becoz of this giant..............


masyaAllah bunyinye....... mmg sakit telinga! i admit *hehe* i hardly wake-up in the morning while ku is outstation. so ku bought me this giant yesterday as a surprise. hahaha. cam klakar je dpt jam loceng! still remember when i was in asrama *dorm orkid anyone??*, my jam loceng is the reason the whole dorm bangun except ME!!! even the jam is right above my head. normally every morning i saw the jam on the floor. hahahaha. i think i it hard kot~ lalalalala.. so hana, no more LATE!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

boleeeeeeeeeyy tak???!!

i got a msg from my old fren, way back in the higher secondary school. mmg loooong time lah we never buzz each other.while msging and continue msging, we discovered one thing that we have in common, in which we never realise it. we discovered that we are actually

boleeeeeeeyyyy tak????

we were schoolmate and classmate and dorm mate.... ok not to stop there. we are also very good fren~~~ kire satu click nih!!! what makes the whole story funny is that......... we only discovered that we are neighbour  after

can you believe it~~~~ yes... the world indeed is small :)

let me be your personal shopper

i am sooooooo excited today!!!! with my designer's alert below, am going to be a 
personal shopper today. my catch would be.....

the Aquaracer Steel collections


designer's ALERT!!!!

owwhhhh yeahhh~~~! this is what was in my mind yesterday *wink wink wink*

are you fans of top designer's of gucci, salvatore ferragamo, prada, miu miu, louis vuitton


im sure you are!!!!!!!!!
*tak dpt beli tgk pon jadila kan kan?*

this is a very the berry good news for you...
we can bring you those designer's at a lower cost for you!!!
* no. its not the imitation one u ols~!! im not the fan*
tempting?? grab this opportunity while euro is very very low

my friends is coming back from italy 
mid next month
take home with you

place you order now!!
5 simple steps
email me at
tell me which item's design & description
get your quotation
50% payment to confirm order
*NOTE: full refund if item not available BUT 
no refund for cancellation available item upon purchase
get your items deliver~~

from now til 7 May 2010

donnnt missss it!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

redang island escapade

olla peeps!! from my recent trip, would like to share you our visit's comparison
aug2008 vs mar2010

redang island escapade

target : planned getaway vs short-while-biz-trip-to-KT getaway season : peak vs low price : rm512 (can get rm439 during low time) vs rm364 resort : laguna redang islang resort vs redang beach resort package : both 3D2N full board boat transfer : laguna speedboat vs ferry jetty marang vs syahbandar

comment/advice/tips : since we opted for afternoon transfer last mar2010, we have to choose redang beach resort package. we dont put a high hope in this resort since we knew some of the review. comparing laguna and redang beach, we prefer laguna redang beach resort moooooooreeeee simply becoz they have dedicated jetty, dedicated speedboat, far better environment, room services, housekeeping, wide selection of food, tv, coffee&tea making facilities, more comfortable bed, better snorkeling spots, swimming pool. with additional rm120 gitu, we think its worth it~!!!! seriously~~ je satu bende that we like about redang beach resort.... the swing! hoho

should i... should i not~~~~ *thinking*

haiyooO~~~~ susah banget mau dipikirin..... should i post, or shouldn't i post about it.
 its big for those who luuuuuuuurve it!!! it a pleasure to the eye for those who admire it~~~~ 
for me, i loikeeeeee it very very much!!! tak dpt pon takpe... janji its my utmost therapy ~~~ 
heart says : yeessssssssss!!!! tp kalau ikut kata hati, m**i... erk!!!

hurrmmmm.......... tgu ptg sket... kang rasa2 confirm i blog it~~~!! 
*isshhhhh.... mengganggu gugat pikiran & hati ku ini*

~ stay tune ~


hi working mommiess~! start you day with simple breakfast. its fast, its easy, its healthy too~~!!

 wholesome toast 
serve with mushroom sausage, egg & vege ball
sauté with onion & hot chili

4 ayamas mushroom cocktail sausages (cut half)
2 vege balls (cut quarter)
1 egg
2 red onion (slice)
4 hot chillies (mash)
ground black pepper

warm pan with oil
sauté onion & hot chillies
put in sausages & vege balls
scrambled egg
sprinkle pepper
mix together
serve with 2 toasts

u need only 5 mins to get it done!! say goodbye to tasty nasi lemak & milky teh tarik (arghhhh!!)


Sunday, April 25, 2010

man + cook = sexy?

is it really true??? hahaha. was watching rachel ray show this afternoon and her guest was rocco dispirito. who is he? ooowwww.... he is known for his italian-american cuisine and he transforms America's favorite comfort foods into deliciously healthy dishes-all with zero bad carbs, zero bad fats, zero sugar, and maximum flavor. wallah~!!! very the vast kan.... agaknye boley tak abg rocco transform malay cuisine pulak?? 

so what izzit on man + cook = sexy? not all chef out there yg really hot kan~~~ lalalalala... for me, i think man that can cook or at least try to cook is sexy! they are not physically sexy but rather they have the sense that only person who cook have it, its the sense of accuracy, balance and masterpiece. owh..... never a good cook have the same recipe. they invented and improved for every meals. thus this is why they are sexy!! got it?? *how i feel so sexy now~~*


tips to tackle toddler's high fever

as a mom, everyone wanted the best for their kiddos. when things goes wrong, we tend to get panic attacked and dont know what to do. based on my sister's experience, i learnt a lot on ways to tackle high fever. for me, my definition of high fever is when your child's body temp is around/exceed 38.7degC (101.6degF)

1. sponging - use small towel or sponge. start from bottom-up i.e. feet to head. this is to ensure the body does not get shocked with the water temp. the objective is to keep the body cools down. let the water to self-adsorb into the body.

2. bath - if your kiddos's temp is too high (above 39.5degC / 103degF), straight bring them to the toilet and bath them bottom up as well. this is a better method to ensure the body gain more water. use the tab water, not hot water. i repeat... tab water~~ let the water to self-adsorb into the body.

3. monitor - make sure you have a reliable thermometer to get the best reading. those days i was using normal automatic thermo *ala...yg panjang tu n bile abis reading bunyik beep beep. got it?*. but for me i think that thermo cant provide fast reading *yela...mana larat nk tgu lama..tensi!*, we opt for ear thermo. you cant get this thermo at guardian or watson or even clinic! its fast, very very very fast

4. hydrate - if you feel to keep your kiddos hydrated, pat pat water on their body and let the water to self-adsorb into the body. continue doing it until you feels that its enuff

5. coverage - if you are doing the above at night, make sure that u dont wet their chest & head (minimal at face only). this is to avoid ur kiddos get flu, cough or pneumonia.

6. sleep - dont ever use blanket to cover you kiddos and dont put long sleeve & socks. we want to let go the heat, not keep them with the kiddos

thats about it peeps~~ keep your kiddos healthy :)

the LORD of tooth

siannnnnnnn qist~~~~ its been 3days already and her high fever is still up & down. last friday morning i woke-up in shock when her temperature shown 38.7C. masyaAllah....!! straight away sponging the whole body, continue taking her temp *thanx ku for buying the ear thermo!* , continue again with hydrating the body. berat hati nk g keje..... the whole friday her temp is still high... . her temp later at night ok and by sat morning became normal. lega~~~  but biasalah it continue with flue & cough. all of a sudden early this morning she shown high temp again!! eehhh.....??? im confuse now... rupenye her molar tooth is coming out~~ awww..... pity her.... no wonder she's been less interest in food, porridge, milk. she took mainly plain water &  biscuit. alhamdulillah minum jugey susu when her temp goes down yesterday... a pediatrician says

"teething can cause diarrhea and a mild diaper rash because your child's excessive saliva ends up in his gut and loosens his stools. Inflammation in the gums, he thinks, may cause a low fever (under 101degF = 38.3degC)" **

however, a child development experts say

"teething cannot cause fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or loss of appetite and that these are signs of illness that should be checked out........... probably due to an infection unrelated to teething, but that the stress associated with teething could make your child more vulnerable to infection right before a new tooth appears." ** i understand why she behaved that way... ok enuff on the fact. what i need for her today.... her rubber teething ring and biscuit to ease her soreness. i am wondering where is her 

tooth fairy...!!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

NO added sugar juice = normal juice?? u sure?!!

ok now... talking about no addedd sugar juice, the 1st thing that trigger us is NO SUGAR. rite? but we must be very very careful if the drink has substituted sugar with aspartame as it is the culprit, worst than sugar. ok not this topic that im highlighting it here but rather orange juice drink vs orange juice (no added sugar). the fact that im a health cautious person *ok now i admit it..theeehehehee*, im concern on things going into my body. my concept of eating is simple "eat only things that give you nutrition NOT being a machine to process food" *but sometime i forget this concept...eating what??*

as your body will only adsorb goodies from food and others will be redistribute everywhere in the body, one must be very careful esp woman approaching 30s. arrggghhh..... its not the number that im afraid of but rather the fitrah alam yg mmg menjadikan woman cycle that way. well... of course we cant against it rite?! unless taking in botox, plastic surgery etc lah~~!!

while browsing around the market for weekly supply, ku felt like having orange juice coz katanya "sakit tekak ni kene minum juice la..." *apakah??* well... as usual peel fresh orange juice cross my mind. owh.. i choose peel fresh compared to others. when i compared its orange juice drink vs orange juice (no added sugar), i was stunned for the fact that the sugar content is very much similar!!! so ape yg lainnye?? dahla mahal for almost double kan~~~ we came out with soooo many theories about it. siap debate lagi hokeh~! well...nature being engineer camtula kot. last2 tak puas hati jgk i google about it. hurm.... quite hampa coz i didnt get what i want. i came across few website and article that compared the calories content between the two..

for me, i believe that for the fact that the similar sugar content is derived from a higher juice content in the no added sugar version. thats the only reason that make sense. well.....after all

orange juice DRINK = juice + sugar
orange juice (no addedd sugar) = juice only

what is your FANTASY???

waaahhh~~!! panazzzz gitew... owh.. no no!! dnot think tooo hard u olss~ every saturday everyday in his 2 weeks off-day, ku will managed his fantasy football team, kuqis. yezzaaaa.... true enuff its from our cutie mootiee lil daughter name. hoho. *commercial sungguh nama itew* i dont  really bother the game at all~~ lalalalala... but i guess majority of man around the world play this. well.... this include football fans, footballer, coaches and not to forget kaki bangku! while this fantasy includes famous league in the world, ku choose the premier league *ok now im traying hard to blog this.. i need to ask him then only he answered! goshhh~~* talking about premier leagues, this means christiano not playing in it. owh.... no wonder he never appeared in ku's player list! now i know christiano is playing in La Liga. while the ranking of each team falls under 2 category.. overall world level and own created group, kuqis ranked as.........

world ranking
*think the total team is >200,000!!

la liga de hermanos group ranking
*total of 17 teams sooo impressed!! no wonder ku has been so bersemangat when it comes too managing it. so ladies~~~ need a coach on this?? buzz us! lets join the fantasy football. i bet we have a better name for it...  la liga de pinkish perhaps??


i still cant believe til now how on earth do those ants still alive! am preparing breakfast this morning @ papa's crib. when i opened the egg's case.........


can you see itt???

meh meh zoom sket lagi..

wondering how those ants still alive. pity them fr been freezing & get-together for heat *ni ku nye assumption* jalan pon dah lembab 

ants owh ants..... to do that???

for the topic, i think its worth to sleep at 1am and now 5am waking up doing some research online. i was so amazed for the fact that working mommies is sooo all out making side works *haa... what are you thinking tu!!*, generating more money!! and for the fact that i am going aiming to that category, why not bersengkang mata menimba ilmu kan~~ how i prayed every single day that the opportunity will come, that the time is near, that the right person should be approached. for coaching, for learning, for sharing. i am thought since i was small and always believe til now that if you want something sooo hard, Allah will give you at the end. its a matter of time. papa always thought me that...

"in life, dont hold it too hard until its gone nor too loose that it easily gone BUT hold it firmly and nicely so that it is comfortably fit you palm"

as a daughter, i always find hard to believe it take it seriously simply coz my dad has thousands and thousands of positive thinking in his head!!! give it a try, never give up, you can do it, never say no and list goes on... and its true that match is made in heaven. as for my mom whom character is opposite of my dad, also thought me to be

fast learner, stretch your target & performance, competitor, aim high

well... true enuff that of course i dont realise it when i was small *yelaaa..sbbnye bile kene marah or brainwash, mane nk masuk dlm kepala* but thinking back, Allah is soooo maha mengetahui that has many hidden secret for us to uncover it. even if you think you understand yourself, but enough saying it, you are NOT! why?? becoz if we are, we should be a better person. true?? i guess i still need to buy that book lah... i think i have uncovered some of my secret. so... 

what is your SECRET?

Friday, April 23, 2010

unforgettable MEMORY ever~

while having lunch with the gurls today, we gossiping about so maaaaany things! slowly we track back and back until the topic reach about our school. of course there's tooo many to talk about.  

what is your UNFORGETTABLE MEMORY EVER being a student??

primary school : owh.... i stil remember during my primary times, there were many Bosnia student in our school. siap ada specific area for them lagi. there is one boy in my class which i hated soooo much! hahahah... cant remember why~~~ what i remember when we had a fight that i kicked him *chewah....berani gile la konon dengan harapan his gentleman laa.... what do you expect man!!* skali tu he kicked me back!!! i was like "how could you!!!" hahahh

lower secondary school : every month when our "auntie's visit" time, gurls mestila coootiii kan. disebabkan tanak the boys noticed that we are peot cant prayed, we hide under the table and stay silent for like .. 1 hours???! berpeluh2 la ketiak menahan sbb kene tutup kipas lagi~!

upper secondary school : my time in asrama is one of my best memory. gurls dorm is exectly opposite of the guys. hye u gurls!!! still remember tak how we stay up late at nite semata2 nak mengintai our boys kene ragging!! head boy pon join sama ragging bebudak ni~! siap korang.....

university : wah~!!! time waas the best time to usha guys. hohoohohooho. peep them from our window & everywhere lah! BUT what i cant forget was our "modelling" time with housemate. hahahhha. disebabkan tade keje lain nak buat, we are like pegi jogging la konon with cam and post like hell everywhere. siap ada aksi cam bibik indon~!!! tak tahan........

wwwooooooo...there are of course more to talk about kan kan?? those were mine..


sayaaaaaaaaaaaang pama!

papa&mama came to our home around 10.30pm last nite to deliver us kelapa jelly. the story started when they went for dinner and they met frens yg pop-up statement about kelapa jelly

mama : eh lama dah kite tak mkn kan? last time the best yg kite mkn was in sempadan
papa : jom g JM beriyani to buy

it cost RM6.80 per kelapa. wooooowwww!!! mahalnye........ so beli 2 jela! one for them and 1 for us

me : ma, biasa jela tastenye.. think yg mama buat dulu much better
mama : haaa... kan. the isi kelapa pon quite keras and tebal. esok mama beli 2 biji kelapa lah buat jelly nih *guess sbb mak labu nk dtg weekend ni kot*
papa : jgn sampai 3 bulan mkn jelly sudaaaaahhhh....

well.....its normal for my mom to cook/bake/prepare foods that we said "sedapnye!" again & again for few weeks! hohohoho

will blog it when she's done with dozens of homemade kelapa jelly sooonnnn
*yaa... along,uten,mito : sila jeles*

stay tune~~!


yesterday i received a call from my virtually frens from shopwithmito. tell you... her son got HINI last few weeks *hope his recovering dear* what make me felt very the tak puas hati becoz....... she mentioned that the tadika/nursery that she sent her son tu got 1 case of this virus and they DONT tell the parents!!!!!!!!!!!! agak emo la kan??? harusssssssslah!!!!!!! apekah bengos sgt korang ni??? apekah korang ni!!! pentingkan status sgt ke or takot parent lari??? weellllll...u have to tell us parent coz what ever happen to our kids its our responsibility, not YOURS hokeh!! kalau anak dah warded, adakah u ols susah ????? offfff courseeee llaaaahhh not kan??!!!! korang stakat lah boleh sympathize. sungguh benci!! ini statement ganaz di pagi jumaat yerr~~~~


Thursday, April 22, 2010

i am sooooo into......

of course work is not complete without food~~
breakfast - tea break - lunch - tea break

what a day ya!! i like this i*****a hotel not becoz the carpark is CLOSED (yup~! i wrote them feedback for last min notice. apekah!!!) but rather the amount of food offered every single break~~ seriously a LOT & variety. what a treat!! *harusssssla kan to compensate inconveniency* had a verrryy good lunch too *cam biasala buffet lunch mmg tak habis pon*


after all of these good food, lovely lunch, coming to tea break summore, i remember that i FORGET to take my carpark ticket dlm kete!!!!!!!! goooossshhhhh.........!!!! shoottttttt guccciiii~~~~ cant believe it.. means that i neeedd to walk back to the car just to angkut the ticket *eh u ols takde provide trasnport ke?? penat hokeh!!* this is how my new episode of kaki ketam started

owh...i soooooo need my i-squeez rite now~~!


among things qist like to do @ home is

owh... NO NO. not this stamping~~ belum sampai tahap ni sbb mama dia akan suspen utk mengajar ini. as usual, qist akan meng-creative-kan diri mencari spot2 hangat utk di-stampkan using

ya betul uten!! its the rubber stamp on the FIFA teddy yg awak kasi dulu. sbb dah lama sgt ddk kat cermin, sampai lembik n tercabut.

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