Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mamakuQis for wedding

do you hear that jingle bell? jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way~~ december selalu related to christmas but for us here, kenduri kahwin non stop *wink* for this 
CustomMade wedding's favour, congratulation to 

Dr Azhan & Dr Nadiah
the Specialist wedded to the ToothFairy

may Allah bless you always!

*pix credit to Khul Zaman*


personal shopper....Dermalogica

yes i tell you i suka sgt jadi personal shopper nih~ i am satisfied bile dapat purchase a good product and bottom line... get a good bargain & free gifts!! remember this post? masa i sign up aritu, mmg sgt worth of money coz i save RM650 in total. so i keep on recommend to others... altho i dont get any commission or points etc, i satisfied sgt to look at people's face when they are happy with their purchase.. yes~~~ is purchasing power u ols!! 

Dermalogica Facial Treatment Program

worth RM1800 facial treatment + RM500 product

you save rm650 for paying all these
those facial spa could range from the very basic up to the most expensive
for product, enjoy 5% off of the product price accumulating up to rm500
free rm400 worth of eye treatment 4x

paling penting... dapat free gifts!! this time got exclusive make up/toiletries tote bag and 2011 calendar... owh... its not just a normal calendar~~ its a calendar with monthly & birthday vouchers worth up to RM1000 in total!! seriously tempting~~

good news

owner will let go the

Dermalogica Exclusive Make-Up/Toiletries Tote Bag 

at a biddig price!! so... keep ur eye at this blog kay?
*thanx pidin*

sounds interesting? call up my beautician now (che ah) and tell her that hana basri is recommending. u will get a good offer peeps!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

any SK-II fans out there?

Esteelauder sudah.... now calling for SK-II pulak~~ dulu i gune SK-II for 5 years before tukar ke Dermalogica. owh... kenapa tukar? amik angin baru kot~~ hahahaha. banyak factor.... tapi yg paling penting NOT because of the product not good what-so-ever. for me, SK-II masih tetap di hati ku~~ *chewah* for those yg nk try SK-II miracle water aka SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, i highly recommend u ols!!! u can see the different in less than a week~~ trust me coz me no lie okay!! ape different nye??

immediately you akan rasa...
smoother skin
more supple skin
clearer skin

after week or two...
more radiant skin

for me what i notice is that SK-II miracle water is significantly helpful in terms of renewing skin 28-days cycle faster. you boleh nampak when ur skin start to become more even, smoother and you will sgt happy bile org start to notice!!!! altho i changed to Dermalogica, i still use this 

SK-II Miracle Water

coz for me.. it is miracle~!!

for those yg nk try this, SK-II baru start today their Christmas promo. mmg sgt berbaloi2 beli this time punye pack... for those yg mmg nk terus jadi die hard fans, you akan dapat  1000 points FOC for every purchane RM1000. it never happen before~~~ coz now its is

SK-II 30th Anniversary

find out more here

all pix from http://www.sk-ii.com.my/

whats for lunch ya~

aduhai... keje kat klcc ni dah tak tau nk makan ape~ nk jadi creative pon dah tak tau... hahhahaha~~ iye mmg sgt bersyukur work here. bile masuk bab makan mmg byk choice!! byk sampai tak tau dah nk makan ape sbb dah tau rasanye cane~~ what i always have for lunch here are

i go for Sub of the Day

kyros kebab
the Large chicken or lamb wrap

pizza milano
spaghetti seafood arabiata

nasi campur level 4
dkt dgn escalator

nasi kandar level 2

last but not least...

nasi campur @ Mesra Shop 
near to twintower fitness center

all pix from google

Friday, November 26, 2010

seriously GORGEOUS cakes!!!

skang ni zaman org suka sgt cakes with decorative icing kan kan? semalam masa kat bank tgu turn, i came across this ads

if you think this is "WOW"





mesti ternganga pulak tgk ni


yang paling penting






designers collection pon ada!!!!

all are C.A.K.E.S~~~~ seriously!!!!

credit all pix to highlandbakery.com atlanta

SpecialSlot: Kerana Aku Wanita

Kerana Aku Wanita
tq Taqi for sharing

kerana aku wanita
pandangan Adam mampu tembus ke dasar hatiku
kerana aku wanita
ingin disayangi itu fitrah diriku
kerana aku wanita
mudah terpikat dengan keindahan akhlak seorang lelaki
kerana aku wanita
emosiku selalu mengatasi logik akalku
kerana aku wanita
air mata teman setiaku
kerana aku wanita
sensitivitiku terhadap sesuatu amat tinggi


kerana aku wanita 
aku damba pertolongan darimu Adam
peliharalah bicaramu denganku
jangan bermain kata denganku
takut rosak hatiku

kerana aku wanita
akhlakmu ukuran dimataku
 peliharalah akhlakmu dan imanmu
jangan kau burukkan darjatmu pada mataku
takut rosak thiqohmu

kerana aku wanita
maka peliharalah susunan kata-katamu
 kerana aku mudah terasa
namun aku bukan lemah
sekadar ingin kau tahu hati ini mudah tercalar

kerana aku wanita
peliharalah dirimu dari mencemuhku
saat titisan jernih mengalir dari mataku
kerana itu cara untukku
meluahkan perasaanku
supaya hatiku tenang kembali

kerana aku wanita
aku memang sangat peka
 maka fahamilah kecerewetanku ada sebabnya

share is just a fingertips away~

yes.. kepada staff of ourCompany, share baru start listed today. it has a tremendous increase by 21 cent from the listed price. owh.. semestinye higher than offer price kan~ signing up with cimb bank makes my trading easier with itradecimb.com.my. easier for ....

jual beli share

view the stock market 

predict when to sell & buy

can be done at anytime, anywhere!!

tapi cume satu je yg tak berapa berkenan......











lambat sangat nk link kan cds account to my profile!!!! 

sampai i naik hangin dgn itrade call center coz kasi jawapan yg sama everytime i call to cek the status... above all

alhamdulillah coz it has been link although i missed the highest peak this morning~!!

* cheers *

Thursday, November 25, 2010

COACH on SALE.. up to 50% off

NOTE : this ads is for coach crazee fans!

i have a very very very good news for those COACH crazee fans out there~~ ok i have nothing to sell actually... its the good news i bring to u ols! coach tgh buat 

fall-winter collection
18Nov - 1Dec 2010

this means items sold at 30% and 50% of the retail price. tadi i pegi tgk and yes! mmg berbaloi2... some wrislet cost around RM150+, wallet cost RM400+, handbag ada yg RM1000+ je etc. they have handbags, wristlet, card holder, small purse, wallet.. tp i tak perasan lah if ada sling bag on sale or not

so ladies~~ sesiapa yg perlukan personal shopper, buzz buzz email me coz i wont charge you high!! thats my promise coz i mmg sgt suka jadi personal shopper~~~ *winkwink* u can ask my sis, my cousin, my fren and of course my hubby lah! sbb ape? sbb i am a shopper and to have the feeling dapat beli barang murah from expected is beyond the huge smile. so i like to see that HUGE SMILE on you~~~ *wink*

korea owh korea... napela crisis lagey~~~?

mesti everyone is aware pasal north korea vs south korea crisis ever since. we are not that worry if theres nothing happen.. but now it is alarming!!!! cane nk pegi korea camni?? *sob sob sob* crisis yg happened recently ni effect sume bende... dari la masalah negara, currency exchange, business sampai lah stock market! turun ye..... sangat lah turun~~~ lagi lagi menakutkan bile north korea warn more attacks. eyy..... nauzubillah.. tapi they are so near to us. like 6 hours different je! among latest news...

N.Korea blames South over attacks
The Straits Times , Nov 25 2010
SEOUL - NORTH KOREA again blamed the rival South for provoking a deadly artillery attack on a border island and warned that it stood ready to strike once more.. more

North Korea reportedly warns of more attacks
MarketWatch, Nov 24 2010, 9.59pm
LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) - North Korea warned Thursday it would launch more attacks on South Korea if its southern neighbor makes more "reckless military provocations,".. more

S.Korea to strengthen military forces on border islands 
Inquirer 10:59:00 11/25/2010
SEOUL - South Korea will strengthen its military forces on five islands bordering North Korea following a deadly artillery attack by Pyongyang, the presidential palace said Thursday.. more


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

next VACAY2011 dilemma....

am so into travelling and for the fact that i MISSED airasia's promotion for KOREA *qist was warded* it makes me think for the second option... NEW ZEALAND. why?? do you know that airasia will be flying to this kiwi land~~? no kidding!! see here. haa... percaya kan? sooo excited lah!!! *wink wink* i mmg sgt admire new zealand ever since amazing race went there. ape kene mengene kan~~ eeyyy.. kenelah! lets see why i have this 

VACAY2011 dilemma



this land is full of history, culture, beautiful scenery, shopping *of course!* its totally a different experience as we have not touch base in this kind of travel vacation environment *except beijing* korea for me is beautiful when the flowers all blooming and the surroundig is chilling. i am very much looking forward for that city center shopping, jeju island, kimchi.. owh do i mentioned magnificent mountain range and scenery? 

New Zealand


OMG!!! i am sooo into this place becoz of its awe-inspiring landscapes, breathtaking coastline and jaw dropping mountainous regions. The best part is that it’s all within a short drive from most of the cities. tp yg paling penting..... i nk sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt try bungee jumping!!!!!! please............. new zealand i predict to be similar to australia *iye mmg tidak sama.. i know* more or less... bau sama la kot!! LOL. masa first time dulu nk plan for honeymoon n first ever oversea vacation, new z was in the top list tp..... tak sampai2 jugak~

so mana satu nk pegi ni~~?? any suggestion? kot2 u ols penah sampai or frens penah pegi or baca about the experience sumwhere~~ lemme know yeeeeee

year end S.A.L.E... what say u?

its November peeps~!!! and we are so near to the end of year 2010. normally~~ or should i say... usually~~ there will be year end SALE. am thinking of doing one actually.... but when should i start ya..... busy busy owh time where are you??~~~~

what will be on SALE? definitely not mamakuQis cookies la kan... coz kite tak simpan stock~~ it always a fresh one from chef's oven!!

items that maybe on sale are
fridge magnet - from various countries
glassware - from japan *noritake anyone?*
hard rock t-shirt

i need to clear current stocks and it will be up soon!! when? 


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

what a looooooooong day!

arini sanggggaattttttttt penaaattttttt kat office.......!!! 
dateline, last min changes, additional request, inaccuracy








i need a massage spa!!!!!!!
any suggestion? makcik urut pon ok jgk~~ huhu

3x hydration facial theraphy... *tempting*

demalogica has recently came out with this treatment... and its yet to be available at all branches

cant wait!

when lily's blooming

flower is woman's best friend
the smell is refreshing
the smell is a theraphy

rose is the one
rose is symbolic
rose is everyone's heart

but when lily starts blooming
can the rose stands in the crowd?

when lily's blooming
everyone will notice
when lily's blooming
it captured the heart, the sense, the L.O.V.E

love you han~!!

the other kind of souvenier from Cameron~

last weekend was our cousin's wedding in CameronHighland. as usual... what is a trip without a souvenier kan?? macam biasalah... beli strawberry, tea, tomato, jagung, pisang kaki blablabla. my mom pegi cameron macam pegi shopping kat outlet!! boleh untung kot cameron's biz sehari~~ LOL

yg tak tahan nye.... i got this souvenier from cameron. yes....! its other kind of souvenier











haruslah mak yg tukang kopek itu petai hokeh~ its actually papa punye utk buat stock~~ tp seriously the amount tak boleh challenge the stock that went to qatar after raya aritu lah!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

how to detox naturally?

our body need a detoxifying agent daily to ensure no or minimal toxin accumulation inside.
so the question is

HOW to DETOX naturally and effectively?

browsing and googling on this, i came across

and the best and simplified table from
Detox Safely and Naturally by detoxsafely.org


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