Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i dont think its MAGIK!

im sure ramai penah denga or even try tunamagik by ayam brand. i baru first time beli semlm to try out the eassiiiiineeessssss of this tunamagik. mmg la sgt senang kan.... disebabkan sgt sng lah i beli utk buat bfast pagi tadi. 

tunamagik is soooo simple with just 3 steps je

bukak tin

tuang atas nasi panas


dah siap~~!! qistina pon boleh buat. but instead of nasi, i change it to spaghetti or to be exact... vermicelli. i tgk dlm website boleh buat, so i tukar la... i am hantu pasta FYI *wink* and my review would be...

i dont think its MAGIK~!!

hohoohooo... sbbnye i dont like the combination of tuna + nasi/pasta. rasanye pelik... it may be best lah kot for orang yg suka mkn tuna dgn nasi. for me, tuna makan dgn roti kot... if nk mkn dgn nasi kene jadikan sambal ke, kuah mcm sardin tu ke etc. if u ols nk try, maybe sedap dimakan masa panas je.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

our first gadget 2012.... its Samsung *again*

Alhamdulillah… we started this year with a very good news lies ahead. Praying for a good outcome, insyaAllah. Same goes to last year, tetiap tahun mesti nak collect some gadgets here and there. Lagi best kalau free la kan~~ haha :P last year we closed with our RED Kaldi. For this year, we start our gadget search with

*pix : google*

Iyeee…. Saya tahu sudah basi kot sbb dah kuar many more model kan~~ tak kisah je.. janji ada! For me, phone is only for call, sms n wifi. Since we both are not into mobile internet *tapi kalau ada tu bonus la kan* so we opt for the cheapest among all…

And yes, for RM499 only, this phone is good enough for me *thanx han!!* in case u nk buy one, you can read first the review by phonearena here

*pix : google*

And we are now waiting and hoping to win another smart phone…… jeng jeng jeng~~~

Stay tune la ye.. sbb kalau dapat je baru update! LOL *wink*


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