Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#MH370... pulanglah dengan tenang....

when the news break last night...
many hearts were broken....
many hearts were shocked....
many hearts still hoping...
and many hearts still praying...

MH370... pulanglah...
pulanglah dengan tenang...
semoga perjumpaanmu dengan Ilahi...
dipermudahkan dan dirahmati...
semoga perjumpaanmu dengan Ilahi...
memberi petunjuk yang kekal abadi...

Ya Allah... 
semoga hari ini lebih baik dari semalam..
semoga hari ini kekal damai..
semoga hari ini datang dan pergi..
dengan tenang..

Ya Allah...
kami bersyukur dengan petunjukmu...
permudahkanlah segala rancangan kami...
datanglah kami bantuan dari segala sudut..
bantulah kami dari segenap ruang...
agar kami bisa menyelesaikan persoalan ini...
dengan mudah...
dengan segera...
dengan aman...
agar hati dan perasaan mereka kembali tenang...
menerima dugaan mu dengan mudah...
menerima takdir mu dengan redha...

#MH370... kepulangan mu dinanti...
pulanglah ayah.. pulangla ibu...
pulanglah anak... pulanglah saudara...
pulanglah dengan tenang...

"i prayed for them always.... and now my heart now goes to you families..."
written by : hana.basri

Monday, March 17, 2014

myTWIN story : Part 3 Twin Pre-Labour

alhamdulillah... ada masa continue lagi. sian kat mommy yg asked me at AskMommykembar slot. sorry mommy... very tight up to blog again *ok ni alasan*

having twin as my second pregnancy has at least make me feel bit prepared. yes only a bit! haha~ i did not really prepare til the last min you know! *teruk betul* everyday i pray non-stop from day 1 til labour to have my hubby together with me during labour. when its twin, i need to be more manja! demand for more attention la kononnye.... alhamdulillah, it was Allah will and my rezeki. alhamdulillah.... storyline nye lebih kurang ginilah

Monday 2 July 2012
masa ni i dah stat mc for labour. malam tu lebih kurang kul 12am i rasa mcm lenguh pinggang. ok mind here..... i jenis yg fear to pain. masa kecik2 dulu if i jatuh or anything i ok je tapi the moment i nampak darah.. terus rasa sakit tak terhingga! so since then i develop this fear to pain thingy~ so my definition of "contraction" is always lenguh pinggang. hahahha! *in denial sgt* mmg almost every night i lenguh pinggang so that very night it started at midnite. i rasa cam "takde apelah" since my hubby takde kan... so to be strong kononnye i control my emotion. trying hard to sleep at last i terlelap. but around 3am i terjaga with more intense "lenguh pinggang". since my hubby takde and outside was raining heavvvvvvily i told myself "takde apela... lagipon kan hujan. takkan nk kejut mama papa kan. nnt nak kuar dgn basah semua... ok tahan tahan" lebih kurang camtula.. berpeluh2 i tahan rasa lenguh tu. i ingat almost to 5am kot baru i boleh tido. and syukur alhamdulillah pagi esok nye i OK!!!

Wednesday 4 July 2012
today my hubby balik. alhamdulillah... sampai jugak dia akhirnya!!! so nothing happened actually today. just happy dia sampai rumah coz i can sense macam dah dekat. masa dia takde tu i keep on telling Allah with silent doa inside my heart saying that "Ya Allah... aku harap sangat abang balik hari rabu ni then at least kasi dia rehat one day camtu then baru la labour" boleh tak doa camtu? tp that was that i keep on telling myself and deep down i know mestila Allah dengar kan....

Friday 6 July 2012
it was my check up day. and we promised qistina nk pegi alamanda after that. so she was happily followed us. so bile check up as usual my gyne akan tya "how r u mommy? how the baby inside?" camtula... then she started to masukkan jari to measure opening. her water face changed!! "mommy... do you feel pain?" NO "do feel any contraction?" NO "do you feel anything before?" NO.. nape ye doc? "i think its 5-6cm already... let me confirm" so dia pon masukkan jari lagi dalam. "yes mommy its around 5-6cm already" dalam hati i.. "syukur alhamdulillah.. sempat my hubby sampai" so my big prediction was that "lenguh pinggang" on monday tu was actually a correct contraction! so she asked me to walk slowly outside and ready to straight to labour room. i was like.. "tak sempat pegi alamanda ye doc?" dia gelakkkkk kan i jewww

so straight i was to the labour room. qistina keep asking "why we are going here? kata nk pegi alamanda...." my hubby called my mom to fetch her. i was in the labour room asking for epidural to standby *chewah mcm doctor pulak* but the anaesthetic doc tell me to take it now not later sbb i dah close to 7cm already. hurmm.... terpaksa pasrahkan je without my hubby. siap pegang tangan nurse tu sbb tanak pegang katil n nurse tu suruhla i baca doa2 tampal kat dinding tu. bagus dorang ni~ qist was still outside masa my hubby dah masuk. later i asked my mom dia ok ke.. my mom cerita la yg nurse kat situ temankan dia and ask her why she was there. she said " papa kat dalam teman mama but qistina cannot go inside coz small kids tak boleh masuk. qist nk pegi alamanda" awwwww.... sedih aiiiii. since i admitted close to friday prayer, my hubby nk pegi solar jumaat . i mintak dia doakan walaupon dalam hati ni risauuuuu sgt if i labour masa dia solat!

since pukul 12pm at 5-6cm til pukul 4pm, my opening was 8cm static. so nurse minta izin i utk assist opening. i okay kan je.. lama jugakla nk tgu siap tido2 bagai. at around 6pm i rasa mcm kebas2 dah kaki kanan ai. i cakap nurse maybe epidural tu tak berkurangan kot *mode: suspen* tp since my opening dah 10cm time tu *takot* so they are preparing for the labour. alamak...... for sure la i akan rasa mcm sakit2 skit nanti kan~~~ *takot*

okay sudah2.. kite continue part 4 ek coz rasa panjang bebeno dah ni!!


Monday, March 10, 2014

MH370.... reminds me to "THAT" emergency

Salam everyone~ as of today it has been more than 48 hours since the "missing" of MH370. while many people are buzzyyy speculating it thru social media, more and more other hearts are still worrying!! those heart are still praying for the good news, those heart are still hoping for a positive outcome and most important.... those heart does not requires your false-alarm info *mode : GERAM!* i myself had gone thru similar but not as worse to this incident *ops.. but not for the company i should say* i still remember.. in fact i always remember THAT emergency situation. alhamdulillah.... everything was fine. well.. "fine" is subjective you know, depending how you define it~ 

no no... its not related to aircraft but rather an open sea. i still remember being the next of kin to the person whom directly involved in THAT emergency, waiting for a call from him, trying very very hard to maintain emotionally calm, searching ups & downs for people that could help me... just to get hold to his voice. and yes.. 48 hours is not short just to be in the dark and listened to people keep telling you "he is fine.. dont worry" as a matter of fact, its not relieving at all. if i may recall THAT emergency in 2010...

Day 1
THAT emergency happened at midnight, far far off the shore, in the dark open sea. while they *including him* was busy trying very very hard to save the "place" ad escaped safely, i was rather at home sleeping, not knowing what had happened. i remembered i tried to call him as a normal routine before sleep but to no avail. no one pick up the phone. "maybe he was having a late night work" 

Day 2
i had a meeting with some of management bosses where one of them quoted about the important of HSE by quoting what had happened to THAT place. i was not quite get it coz i thot its a normal small incidences just like others. you know... when bosses were talking normally they will be hinting rather than talking about sensitive issues. later that afternoon i tried to call him again since i felt something "was not right". but again.. no answer. "okay maybe he's busy with the shutdown" i guess... later that night by not watching the news in the TV i get fb msg from his bestfren asking me "madi ok ke hana?" i was like... "nape ko tya camtu?" and that was the triggering alarm for me. i was telling myself "hye.. this is not normal!" and that night i wasn't sleeping.... i remembered asking thru fb and sms-ing many frens since it was already very late *1am* to call and buzzing people. i am very very thankful coz many of my frens was helping with good contact no and info. some from kl, sabah, sarawak and even dubai! but yeah.. i pretended everything was ok coz i was at my parent's house.

Day 3
i went to work that very morning and while driving i contacted few of the bosses whom i knew had a contact to enable me to reach my husband. but  i was not able to get any contact since they were in "quarantine" mode from outsider and media. hye... i am not outsider okay! when i reached my office, i get a phone call and it was HIM!! feeling excited, shocked and amazed.. the call ended up like 30sec!! when he hang up i was like dreaming "what did he said just now??" gosh..... and to wait for his another phone call was just another LONNNNNGGGGG hours! 

he was only back at home after almost a week after THAT incident. yes... now you know how i feel about people making speculation about MH370~ its not easy to those next of kin of the passengers. while they may be glad and grateful when they received phone call from MAS asking them to come down to KLIA for a briefing session and up-to-date info plus counselling and traumatic session *what not*, i was on the other hand being left in the dark, no emergency response team (ERT) called me to informed me that "hye.. THAT place just got burnt down but your husband is safe", i myself searching for the answer and i myself called that ERT asking about him summore *how come meh... ppfttttt!!* starting from that day til he reached home safely was not easy especially when i have to go to work pretending everything was fine, pretending to look calm, pretending to be strong in front of my parents and pretending that nothing had happened in front of my daughter... Ya Allah.. i only have all those strength just being near you

above all, its Allah fate for those incidences to happened. its easy to said that "ada hikmah di sebalik semua yg berlaku" but its not that easy to search for it. let pray for #prayMH370

"Ya Allah, sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Mengetahui segala yg berlaku di bumi dan di langit. Engkau yg Maha Mengasihani seluruh makhlukmu. Engkau permudahkanlah segala usaha kami dalam misi mencari dan menyelamat mereka. Sekiranya ini takdirmu, Engkau permudahkanlah kepada mereka dan juga kepada kami"

amin ya rabbal 'alamin...


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

myTWIN story : Part 2 Twin Pregnancy

salam mommies. wah... dah lama hang this story ni. since ada mommy post me Q at my AskMommykembar slot in my fb page Mommykembar, lemme continue on. so continue from Part 1 : The Moment of Truth

Part 2 : Twin Pregnancy

while my twin pregnancy does not have much differences dgn single pregnancy dulu, i bersyukur sgt diberi kemudahan sepanjang i mengandungkan twin. for me, bezanya with twin pregnancy....

  • i get bloated easily like every 10mins in my 1st tri
  • starting 4 months old of my pregnancy i felt sooooo heavy esp kat pinggang masa i duduk or byk jalan
  • i get tired easily 
  • masa masuk 3rd tri, my stomach felt sooo much heavy like dah nak dekat bersalin
  • since 4mths above, at night i makin susah tido 
  • compared to single pregnancy, i was more emotionally stable. maybe sbb i mentally ready kot...
  • owh the best part.... started 5mths i dah tak drive. and thanx a LOT to my bro mito for being my driver *hugs*
  • i rasa dlm 33wks camtu doc dh suruh i kurangkan berjalan coz twin dah makin ke bawah. takut early labour. tapi being me, hurmm.... susah la nak suruh Hana Basri stop berjalan!! okayla... i kurangkan berjalan laju *wink* 
  • bile dah nak masuk week 34 tu mmg rasa sgt berat and makin penat. i use to berjalan kat suria klcc from one wing to the other end but this time around.. i can only jalan 5min then duduk. ok this 5min only take me like from one end to the centre court je!!
  • at night cabaran sgt tinggi esp masa my hubby not around. since i have the big sister Qistina, so sometime dia poopoo at night, merengek2, tantrum sometimes, buat susu etc kene dientertain. alhamdulillah... i felt Allah made it so much easy for me

Overall, i always believe that positive mindset will strengthen our mental and physical. cumenye.... nak stay positive tu yg payah!! haha. keep zikir close to you, insyaAllah you will be strong mommies! 

for monthly check-up.. bile twin ni doc agak susag nk ukur everytime buat scan. so we opt for detail scan also since its the best scan to identify any abnormalities. so masa i buat detail scan *yes for twin the fees x2 tau!!* doc mentioned that in one of the twin head ada extra fluid. but she informed me not to worry.. eh eh.... mana boleh tak worry kan~~ kite kan mommy!! since then i mmg sgt risau la tp what to do... nak nanges pon sape je boleh tolong kan. instead i keep on berdoa for Allah to make everything good & fine. alhamdulillah... my gyne spotted a good progress towards labour. 

ok mommies, kite continue dgn Part 3 later later ya~

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka... my personal view

alhamdulillah... i dapat opportunity duduk kat this highly rated Philea Resort & Spa Melaka. since last year i always wanted to go here sbb review yg sgt memberangsangkan. so last week i received meeting invitation here so wallah..! there i was at this luxury-so-called resort. cam gempak je cam best je~~

ok now sorry ya coz i dah makin malas upload my own pix so all pix here come from the resort itself

First Impression

i bertolak after working hours and my dad drive us there since hubby not around. so i reached there dah gelap pon... around 9pm. the signage not so good at night so terlepas2 simpang. arriving at the lobby, i lepaskan kanak-kanak riang ria n started to check in. it was smooth coz nobody there pon! received our welcoming drink and a small hand towel to refresh. turned back to my luggage "eh..nape dia letak kat tangga je" while my dad standing at our luggage. "encik, bag ni letak kat sini je?" "owh.. takpe nnt cik dah dapat kunci kami bawak naik buggy ke bilik". i was like.... "erm... owh mmg letak kat tangga ni je ye?" dgn muka senyum malas coz dah penat kan. the lobby agak airy coz the ceiling is very high. masa check-in the lady cakap "this is your wifi password but its going to be weak at the room" huh?? so continue on to our room....

The Room

our room was at first floor sbb i request king size bed. ok my mom & dad senyum jela sbb tangga dia agak menjunam. dlm hati i was like "they should inform me first and should be more sensitive by looking at my parents and my kids" kannnn.... takpela dah mlm so malas nk back & forth to the lobby. proceed into the room. ok part ni mmg WOWWWWWWWWW...... bilik mmg sgt cantik. cantik kan sgt subjective. having to many 5 star-rated hotels before *ni bukan bangga... tp nk compare* this room carried a different concept. yela.. dah dlm website pon tulis log-cabin like kan... so mmgla mcm log cabin. i ckp kat my mom "ni kire mcm camping cara org kaya la" for me i like the room. my mom tak suka coz she prefers the modern type. my dad.... sgt la suka sbb dia mmg orang hutan! turned on wifii.... bukan weak... mmg tak dpt connect pon!!! hurmmm.......

switching on all lights.. alamak.... dim nye...... my dad dah bising sbb he has a report to do. so my mom being our technician *apart than mom, granny, pomen, chef, teacher, laundrette haa ape lagii* bukakkan the tudung desk lamp tu. barula terang..... well yes. the room is very much dim. sesuai utk org yg berehat la and no reading required. my expectation for this most luxury resort in melaka berkurang sket bile i tgk mini bar dia... laa... ada teh lipton n nescafe je??? i am expecting paling cikai pon twinings tea with few flavours. or maybe a coffee machine. im not being sarcastic but having a high rated review and luxury-rated, my expectation is high... very high!! masuk toilet plak... toiletries quite byk. toothbrush, shampoo, soap etc. for me oklah..... kire biasa la same je mcm hotel lain. but the fact that their soap shampoo are serai-based *i guess*, i just love it!

done exploring the room, my dad dah lapar but me & my mom being a light dinner eater, tak lapar la plak. so i wanted to order for him a sandwich from room service. "eh takde menu plak kat bilik" called them and they said " we will send you the menu shortly" eh apeda~~ so after that i placed order again thru phone dgn room service. so 15mins later they came with the meal. i took the meal and he asked "payment miss" i was like... "i thot its going to be charged to my room?" he then replied that make me WT! "owh.. no miss. you need to pay by cash to me and i'll get your change return with the resit" my godd!!!!!!!!! seriously????? i dah penat tau... then kene check in bilik belah atas.... then dah la mini bar korang ciput je tak memberangsangkan.... then u ask me to pay cash for room service?? common..... i just dont want korang disturb us again with change and resit bagai laa.... haiyoo.... so this is the 3rd thing yg menjunamkan lagi my expectation to this so-called-luxury resort. fine!!!! bayar jelahhh. 

done with the night, next morning i woke quite early. everyone pon in fact! i love the morning environment being so chill with birds singing, sitting at the verandah, kids running around. at 7am i went out for the meeting. 

The Food

hurmm...... after my expectation reduce and menjunam by wifii tak dapat kat bilik, mini bar simplee sgtttt, room service kene byr??, now the food pulak....... my verdict.... i gave only 1/5. nothing very fancy, in fact very much plain normal food. no comment!! our lunch was a 6-course lunch for the meeting. my verdict.... the appetizer and the dessert yg ok. yg lain..... hurm.... my verdict 2/5.

The Facilities

the meeting room was biasa je as compared to other 5 star hotel. again.. i expect more than what they can offered. the kids playroom.... okla not bad. yg lain tu i tak sempat explore sbb after meeting, lunch, zoom balik kl. eh tak tak..... went to visit my brother.


Philea Resort & Spa Melaka scored 3/5 from my own review. being highly rated and claimed as luxury boutique hotel, my expectation is very high as relative comparison to other 5 star hotel in Malaysia. the room concept is excellent. however, they seriously need to improve on food food food and guest pampering items i.e. mini bar, toiletries, bathrobe etc. other than that, please dont scarifice customer's highly paid money because of your high maintenance cost *wink*

Thursday, December 19, 2013

VACAY2014 : InsyaAllah...

started researching, planning and searching
but nothing in place yet
its going to be the first for twin
gonna be our 2nd time with big sister
surely going to be our next challenge after South Korea


"May Allah make it easy for us and open up our rezeki for this"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tok Aman Bali Resort... our short getaway review

Salam everyone~ last weekend we went to Tok Aman Bali Resort for our short getaway. Alhamdulillah the room was paid sbb my hubby ada team building *hehe* we went by flight sbb jauh sgt nk drive with the 3 princesses. big sister was very much happy sbb dpt naik train erl. as usual before pegi mana2 pon i sgt suka buat research walaupon nk pegi marriott putrajaya yg sekangkang kera dari rumah i tu! this resort has a good review from blogger from my reading. so this time around, its my own review based on our experience...

First Impression
since we went during tengkujuh, so expected la some rain some not-so-sunny-day. upon reached the resort, i was impressed with the resort itself. the whole resort is build on a ship-like shape layout. its a good start.. entering the small lobby, owh... its not like typical hotel where it will have a counter for reception. this resort has a 3 different table set on the left/right for reception, concierge and tours. what i like about the lobby is the waiting area. welcoming drink.. average orange cordial juice. quite sweet for me. while the lobby is facing the outdoor terrace that has small fish pond and leading to swimming pool, there was a magnet pulling us out there! the outdoor landscape was plain, not so hotel-like.

The Room
our room was on the ground floor.. so alhamdulillah we dont need to bring our 15kg twin stroller naik tangga! entering the room.. nice interior. clean. opening the sliding door for verandah... wah facing the lake gitew~ since it was "baby" raining, so the floor kat hujung2 verandah basah2 sket. the good part is the verandah is quite clean. not like some of other resort we have went yg verandah nye mmg lah berpasir, hitam kaki kalau jalan! but this one not to say very clean... but only clean. the room lighting is quite dim aka tak terang sgt.

the is one king size bed and a chaise lounge chair *kerusi panjang tu* the bed is good, pillow x3 okaylaa.. not so comfy. for the lounge chair tu, hurmm.... i have a problem. hehe. it was not well maintain coz i can see black dot-dots on it. its pillow pon ada stain that shows it was never wash *erk* ok takpe... small matter for me... kids.. dont play on it!! haha. overall the room concept is bali resort like. only then takde la patung bagai~ bagus!

the bathroom has a bathtub and shower area. its clean, no lumut-lumut one especially at the shower area. for the toiletries provided, its average only. shower gel, shampoo, soap, cotton bud, shower cap. nothing to fancy on. bathroom ni ada a window where we can see our bed. i suka concept ni coz we can feel the bathroom is BIG. and somemore, senang nk tgk the kiddies mandi manda

The Food
its average.. only average. it was served at the thai restaurant sbb ramai kot. no no... it was not a thai food. only makan kat restaurant tu je. the egg counter was quite slow in making a omelette sbb ada satu je stove. huhu. 

The Facilities
first thing first i will check out the kids club. it was a frustration since the room is rather small and the toys was not well selected. for me, the kids club need a LOT of improvement. i rsa the resort score on outdoor facilities. sbb it has many of outdoor games kite bleh rent. from cycling, kayaking, paddle boating, kids playground, swimming pool... i am very much satisfied with the outdoor! kids playground tu nampak mcm baru... good maintenance. swimming pool pulak quite big. ada 2 slides but one is down for maintenance aka rosak. tp since musim hujan n tengkujuh, mmg menggigil2 la princesesses sbb angin yg super strong~ the resort sets very near to the beach. syokla petang tu kami jalan2 nk g beli jagung bakar. tgh2 memilih skali... hujan lebat dtg sekelip mata je. lintang pukang lari cari tempat berteduh!! seronok jugaklaa... sbbnye tak penah pon exerience this kind of windy season. sbb tersgt windy jadi hujan tu dtg sekali lalu je. interesting!

this Tok Aman Balik Resort score 4/5 star from my own review. the thing that they need to improve is better outdoor landscape, maintenance for room cleanliness esp the lounge chair and food. 

will i come back? Yes!


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