Monday, May 6, 2013

myTWIN story : Part 1 The Moment of Truth

alhamdulillah... start jugak blogging jari jemari ku ini~ *grrr* few of my frenz asked me to update on having twin. how was pregnancy, labour and raising them. since currently i ada fb page selling baby goods at the lowest market price for Autumnz products *ok sempat promo*, i slalu sgt update kat Mommykembar page. tp byk mana je kan bleh nk menulis dlm fb.... so lemme cite panjang lebar kat sini. 

when i discovered that i was pregnant back in Dec 2011, i straightaway went to specialist to confirm and started monthly check up. at first masa menunggu nk confirmkan kat local GP *masa 1 mth*, i dpt rasa yg i generated a lot of wind aka angin! i will get bloated every 10 mins. mkn skit ke makan byk ke.... bloated jgklaaaa. i never knew that i was having twin until i buat check up masa 2 months. i still remembered...

Doc : how was it so far mommy?
Me : So far so good... just i get bloated cepat sgt.. every 10 mins
Doc : come.. baring and doctor nk check
... so she started scanning my tummy*
Doc : ok can u see here.... *pointing at baby's home* see this little tiny is your baby
Me : yes.. *smiling*
Doc : do you know why u developed a lot of wind?
Me : noo.... *suspen...*
.. this time Qistina was sebok2 nk papa dia entertain her....
Doc : do you see this *pointing at a black dark oval*
Me : uh hu... *suspen.. takot doc kata ada problem sbb i mmg nampak bulat hitam*
... sambil gerakkan scanner tu sket..
Doc : see there is another one here..
Me : huh??
Doc : its twin mommy!
... my hubby terus tgk screen..
Hubby : hah?
Me : serious ke doc?
Doc : yes mommy...
Me : *gelak* alhamdulillah.. *tak tau nk respond ape sbenanye. siap bangun sket n tgk screen betul2*
... my hubby tak gerak2 tgk screen.....

so thats was how it started~ i was lucky for the whole duration of my pregnancy i takde masalah yg byk in handling them. i takde sickness, i takde muntah, i takde loya, i takde takde takde.... *alhamdulillah.. syukur yg teramat sgt* what was in my mind was....

cane nk handle ek masa my hubby takde nnt?
will he be around masa i deliver nnt?
cane nk jaga Qist bile my hubby tade?
twin? not easy.... kene start baca ni!!

OMG~~~!!!!! I really really having twin!!!! slalu i akan cakap bile nampak org ada twin *i bet sume akan cakap bende yg sama* 

"bestnye ada twin.....!"

and when i actually have one *or two?*, then i realised....

"my god!! besar dugaan & cabaran ni!!"

till then.. continue Part 2 Twin Pregnancy 

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