Friday, December 2, 2011

pssss..... do you know JPO has opened??

last tuesday i received this JPO invitation ..... at first cam "eh betul ke im invited" teetttttt~~ quite excited coz rasa cam VIP pulak dpt this invitation!!! *chewah* tapi disebabkan this pre-sales is on 1st Dec *iye semalam*.. terpaksa la kuburkan hajatku kerana ada important meeting... *sedih kan*


bile i browse through the website, owh yes..... seriously Johor Premium Outlet will be launched soon.. i mean.. very soon!!! so u ols~~ ape lagey.... kata end of year holiday kan!!

among high brand are

armani, burberry, lacoste, ralph lauren, zegna, coach, micheal kors, 

yg paling penting.... i aim for

salvatore ferragamo
cotton on

tak payah u ols susah payah pegi japan, korea, usa just to go to this place!!!!

ape lagi u ols~~~

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