Monday, August 30, 2010

calling for M.I.T.O

yes yes yes~~~ we are calling for


my bro is now otw from japan via korea for home!! tweet tweet. thanx my sis for reminding that my bro is coming back tonite and not tomorrow~~ huhu. i guess too excited kot having whole family *except the german handsome* at home~

*should i bring banner to the airport tonite???*


VACAY2010 : day06_Sydney... here we come!

its time to say goodbye to Melbourne *city* in our DAY SIX. woke up very early to pack all stuff and ready to rock Sydney u ols~~!! we took the skybus from city to the airport.

it was on an hour flight connecting Melbourne-Sydney. we arrived Sydney around 1030am and start searching for the cheapest transportation into the city...

bus 400

tweet tweet~~ u just walk outside, pass through a parking area and tadaaa~ u will see the bus stand. but be alert that there are two buses numbered as 400. take the one that go to bondi junction. it cost us only AUD4.30 to get until Randwick, where the Malaysia Hall Sydney lies. u may opt for train taht cost around AUD17 + AUD 7.80 *if am not mistaken* that 17 dollar is the cost just to get you out of airport zone. or you may opt for cab that will cost much more expensive.

arriving in Randwick, a small nearest town to MH, we asked around shops there for MH. no one seems knows where izzit except this one indian guy. his description is precisely correct... but only his timing advice is way too offset!! huhu. he said its around 2-3 mins but it took us 20mins!!! well i guess he must thot that we are driving ~~ huhu

here in Sydney MH, you have to take off ur shoe before entering. the room has its own private bathroom. we dont have a chance to meet kak nani as she just received a granddaugh. awww....... next time ye kak nani. really wanted to meet u!

after some rest, we bought our weekly pass that cost us way cheaper than daily pass!! only AUD57. owh... dont be surprised with the amount coz you can use it for all mode of transportation *except taxi* and to anywhere in the railmap!! *hows that!!* hehe. just google about myMulti pass

ku has been asking for spot for buka puasa. i was like... "i dunno lah.. janji berbuka!" as ku wanted to have the best moment for our 1st time and 1st day buka puasa in Sydney, we chose to buka puasa at the

Sydney Opera House

i tell you... for those photographer and camera freak, please come down here during dust as you can see the best, if not, the greatest view of Sydney!!! the colour, the sky, the lighting, the everything.. is perfect!! even the Harbour bridge climb cost the most expensive during dust! *believe it??*

i just L.O.V.E to hang out here as you can see the beautiful combination of city, harbour and nature *subhanallah* no wonder people just love to be here in Sydney... its gorjes!!

stay tune for my Sydney tours in DAY SEVEN!

was a very busy busy weekend!

happy monday morning peeps!! apologize coz i didnt make any post since last friday. reason? last friday the net was down at home, saturday and sunday on the other hand... very very very busy with

mamakuQis delivery to few places in klang valley

outing with sis
owh.. qist was very very happy outing with cousins.. tisya and aqeef!

baking, counting stocks and orders and receiving summore~

gosh.. what a short weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

counting 2....1......

ding dong~!!!!!!

just cant wait for ..

this friday for my along & family from qatar after a year overthere
*owh not yet come back for good ya*

and next tuesday for my bro from japan whos coming back for an interview
*yes please berguru with me*

gosh its good to gather papabear family again!!!

i can smell tony romas along!!

VACAY2010 : day05_DFO Moorabbin

day05 in Melbourne brought us away from nature and into the world of SHOPPING!! i was very much looking forward for this ever since i planned for it coz i targetted to shop pumpkin patch here in

DFO Moorabbin

in aussie, DFO or direct factory outlet consist of many factory outlets that includes wide range of brands e.g. kids, adult, household, fashion etc. in Melbourne, there are 3 of it including Moorabbin. we went out early that morning to send our rental car back to europcar *it has been great dealing with you since our europe tour last year, thank you*

from here, we must buy zone 1& 2 daily pass that cost AUD10.60. we took tram until Glenhuntly and change to another train heading towards Cheltenham. arriving at this last stop, we walked down *just ask ppl over there* and waited for a bus. lastly, we arrived safely at the DFO.

it was raining breezingly that day. and my shoe was half wet. its still ok.. but the thing that i cannot stand is that i can feel my socks inside is wet too!! gosh its cold ok~~ my shoe has worn out i guess... *alasan!* so i started with not so good mood. ku went to bought me a pair of socks but i told him its better to find a new shoe. who knows its going to rain again in sydney! LOL. walking through the DFO, i targetted for pumpkin patch, nike and roxy. i knew that i couldnt bring back any corelle, vision, pyrex and their brother & sister coz we are going to sydney afterwards *sad* there was quite a number of great bargain at the tableware and not to mention in sheridan as well!

my search for pumpkin patch ended me at cotton on for qist coz pumpkin patch dont have a good bargain at that time. for me, my search for nike ebrings me to puma simply becoz there is no nike here u ols~~ *sobsob* puma pon puma laaa.... hangkot saje! its quite cheap here for a pair of walking shoe cost me only AUD49 aka RM150 *hows that!* huhu yeay~~

ku started to feel hungry and i still feel so "full". hahaha.. shopping makes me kenyang! we finished off touring around and headed to the supermarket next door for turkish bread and milk. our lunch was late and freezing! alhamdulillah...qist was sleeping soundly.

we headed back to MH around 5pm and it was very cold becoz it was raining whole day. but one thing for sure... my feet is S.A.F.E *wink*

make time for yourself daily

yesterday was rachael ray bday. happy bday sweet-happy-go-lucky rachael!!! i came across an article in her website mentioning about

make time for yourself daily

yes indeed its very very true that we woman tend to forget to make our own time esp when u are married and have kids. our time mainly focus for them and by the time we realise that we forget ours, we are too tired and ready to sleep. for me, make time for ourselves is very important to maintain good life balance and emotionally healthy.

i learnt to make my own time when ku started to work offshore. its not becoz when ku was stationed here i was soo busy juggling housework and family but rather i realise that i need something to catch and do daily that makes me feel happier~ that was when i started this blog and mamakuQis! *wink*

for us mommies, make time for ourselves doesnt mean that u have to be isolated from your lil cute creatures but for me it define more as find things that u love to do daily besides housework and kids.

if u feel like make ur time means reading, read and relax well.
if you feel like FB is ur definition of make time, go & check it out!
if u feel like hot bath tub is just perfect, get ready to soak in
if you feel like reading my blog is ur time, my pleasure to welcome you daily peeps~

so bottom line is that, find time and make time for urself daily to maintain ur level of happiness and life balance!

L.O.V.E ur family but dont forget to L.O.V.E urself too


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mahal tak kalau....

just now i bought lauk for iftar...

*pix googled

2 pcs ikan merah masak lemak
1 small, 1 medium

2 small senduk sotong hidup masak sambal

totalnye RM18

mahal tak? i rasa mcm mahal. rasa cam nak tersedak bile akak tu kata
akak : lapan belas
me : *erk* ikan tu brape ye kak?
akak : mmg mahal sket ikan merah skarang... yg besar tu RM8, yg kecik tu RM6
me : owh.. ok

balik rumah kaw2 my mom kata "mahal sgt tu.. agaknye ikan merah dia mmg mahal kot" huhu. rezeki for today i guess....

VACAY2010 : day04_Philips Island 2

continue from kula bai centre, we headed straight to

the Nobbies

it came in similar group to 12 Apostles but here there is only ONE rock. this place is at the most end to the west of the island. we love this place as it is quite windy with great scenery and seagull disturbing chirps! hahhahah. yeah.. they are sooooooooo loud~ ku said there are gagak putih. huhuhu.

no entrance fees here and to make it better, we received a complimentary tomato soup as we bought the 3 parks pass. yeay~! its just refreshing coz we are soooooo hungry! huhu.

right before dust, we went to the

Penguin Parade centre

its our highlight of the day. there is many reminder saying that "please prepare your warm clothes as there will be no shelter". we thought that our 5 layers clothes including jacket is enuff... but we are so WRONG!!! the winds blowing... gosh~~~ so evil-blowing-wind!! it was so strong that we can feel the coldness straight inside even we just sat there not close to 5 mins!! LOL. we hav like 30mins more to wait for the lil creature~~ qist was crying badly coz she wanted to sleep + this kind of wind makes her angrier! huhu. we do have blanket for qist.. but ku have to bring here for some stroll here & there while waiting for the penguin.

 camera was not allowed while watching the penguin as the flash would scared the lil penguin. so sorry peeps! i carry the pix in my memory *wink* it was fun when we saw the penguin & friends landed and the seagull trying hard to scared them. the penguins made 3-4 attempts before successfully cross over the seagull!! poor penguins...

*pix googled*

we got chances to be very very close to the penguin while walking on the deck towards the entrance. those penguins actually made their home far from the beach so they will walk at the side of our walking deck! yeaaayyy~~ qist was soo excited to came across them as close as a hand away *i donno if my measurement is correct! LOL*

we only took some pix inside the centre *tak dpt yg real one, gambo pon jadi la jah oi~~*

guess i have covers our day 4 in melbourne peeps~ stay tune for DFO shopping spree in
day 5.  i made a never-planned-shopping-but-it-just-happened shopping! huhu

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

healing gamat... thank you!

yes peeps! its not that healin gamat but rather the power of healing by mr gamat~~ huhu. tadi after berbuka dok tgk tv dgn qist. elok je haa sitting on my kaki. then i wanted to change position and asked qist bangon jap. ape hangin tah qist bersemangat dgn lajunye & beriya2 & happy when suddenly... tersadong my feet!! haiyo~~~ terus tersembam with face down first!! i was like... "jap jap qist" n meluru pegi dapor calling my mom. cuak tahap dewa looking at massive darah kuar from her lips!! rasa nak nangis~~~~~~~ *uwaaaaaa* slalu kalau ku ada he will think of what to do. i mmg senang panic bile bab2 bende sakit ni coz i myself fear of pain!!

but my lil qsit is a very very very very very very strong and easy to handle. my mom terus amik minyak gamat and tuang kat tisu and asked me tekap kat bibir qist. i told qist "jgn cry.. mama letak ubat then sekeeeejap je baik!" so she  wasnt crying all the way. but i can imagined how painful it was *uuwaaaaaaaa* but the power of gamat.... cant describe more! too good to be true~~ L.O.V.E it!

*pix googled*

moral of story
sila jangan tukar position kaki anda
mr gamat = sgt power dgn healing effect!
belilah yg ori *LOL*

calling for LAST ORDER mamakuQis cookies

hye peeps!! am calling for


mamakuQis Chocolate Chip All Nuts cookies
  closing order : 26 Aug *thurs*

HURRY & get your crunchies for Raya 2010 today!

OZ for S.A.L.E starts now!!!

OZ for S.A.L.E

3 simple steps
pick your favourite
make payment via MBB or CIMB

all items will be delivered within 3 days after payment
postage via POSLaju
all items listed NOT inclusive of RM8 postage fees
please click all pictures for larger view

the great part is receive ONE koala below for FREE for every RM10 purchase


all sold
L17.5" x H13.0" x W3.8"

Black x 1 SOLD. tq azian

Yellow x 1 SOLD. tq mun

Red01 x 1 SOLD

Red02 x 1 SOLD. tq tajud


only ONE left
L3.2" x W2.2"

Scenery x 2
 SOLD. tq jijah & hesri

Boomerang x 2
SOLD. tq nurul & hesri

Opera House x 1 (available)
1 SOLD. tq hesri

Scenery x 1
SOLD. tq hesri


L1.8" x W1.8"

Kangaroo01 x 1

Kangaroo02 x 1 SOLD. tq reen

Koala01 x 1 SOLD. tq jijah

Koala02 x 1

Emu x 1

Crocodile x 1


L2.0" x W1.8"

Australia x 1

Kangaroo x 1


HURRY peeps!! while stock last~

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