Monday, May 31, 2010

short break.... *thinking*

school hols is very near.. just around the corner~!! 
*those who wanted to order mamakuQis cookies, lemme know soon ya.. wink*

ku is coming home earlier than expected *happy happy* with that, am thinking for a short break. Q is.........
where to??

i already booked a facial treatment @ aster spring this friday *for me lahhhh*

thot of watching movie with ku after prayer 

but it start at 5pm *time to fetch the kiddo*

or maybe have a dinner at tony romas perhaps

but already have a biz appointment 

must find time * must find time

maybe a small bbq this weekend by the beach

sounds great!!!!

brush brush brush

qist's favourite now is brushing her own teeth. lama pulak tu... sometimes it goes beyond the teeth to the cheek, fingers, arm, hand, stomach!!!

*wink wink*


luxury is satisfaction!!

yesterday after we came back from janda baik, we dropped by naza world pj for papa to take home our new "sibling". we love the trip so much especially my youngest bro!! its not so much the feeling of having that new "sibling", but rather went into the biggest showroom as it was loaded with luxury cars!!! yes.... i like 
fast & luxury car
esp the one that could do drift!!! *like the tokyo drift perhaps* we we stunned & excited when we entered the showroom and welcomed by 

red hot ferrari
*dreaming dreaming.. drifting with this baby?? heaven man!!*


my fav porsche
when could the price drop?? you wish hana!!! hahhahhaha


mini cooper
my bro said its mr bean's car!! small yet precious

ok ok stop it.... the day dreaming is over..... lets bring back our new "sibling"

enuff with the tire pix 

*wink wink*

"amat, please dont touch ye..."

forgetful again....

it was in janda baik last weekend when things happened unintentionally......

we were at the lounge waiting to check in our room. since we were there early @ 1pm, we have to wait for them to make-up the room after guest checked out. we could only check in @ 3pm. waited under almost bored condition, me and mama read some of the mags while qist running around with a baby mags. playing ups & downs, talking to her imaginary upin, ipin & friends. while reading a mag, i took off my spec and put it on the table right in front of me with a thot

"ishh, afraid that qist would come back and hijacked it again...."

but another side of me were saying

"its oklah, its in front of me what.. i could always she her dropped by"

with that, i safely placed it... while reading n reading n reading, i could hear qist walking around blablabla when suddenly i heard she groaned... i put down the mag and there she were holding my spec, with one frame is pushed hard downward tried to lift the frame up to wear it!!!!!!!

"OMG qist!!!!!!!!!!"

i felt like my heart were almost dropped and i was like fainted~~! she was sooo sleepy at that time that she still pushed herself to play around. i am speechless and took it off from her and qist straight away, cried.... i told her

"say sorry to mama cepat"

 with tears running down and sleepy face, she said

"tooowee mama...." and hugged me tight

haiyaa~!!! how to bend it down??? i was really mad at myself that i couldnt see her there when she took off my spec!! 

how forgetful....!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

long weekend

wallah~!!! what a long weekend...

a short vacay
2 places


a trip
a place
a "take-away"
a surprise
a celebration

*wink wink*

Saturday, May 29, 2010

tagged by julie *wink*

julie julie julie..... here comes my "main teka-teka" using a letter of my name


~ what is your name ~

~ a four letter word ~

~ a boy’s name ~

~ a girl’s name ~
honey heska my beloved cousin!!!

~ an occupation ~
hair stylist *wah gitew…*

~ a color ~
hazel *shoooot… this is the trickiest!!!*

~ something u wear ~
high heel *pedal-ing girll~~~*

~ a food ~
hashbrown *oowwhh… my fav*

~ something found in the bathroom ~
hot tub *heaven*

~ a place ~
harrods *$$$$$$$$*

~ a reason for being late ~
hot & humid *hahahahhaha*

~ something u shout ~

~ a movie title ~
happy feet *chomellll*

~ something u drink ~
herbal juice *yes peeps, age gracefully…remember?*

~ a musical group ~
 hujan *i have no ideaaaaaaaaaa*

~ an animal ~

~ a street name ~
hang tuah street, KL

~ a type of car ~

honda bebeh

huish.... u make me stress~!!! hahahhahaha

i want to tag

gorjes syida
vouge fizamior
sweet faridah

*wink wink*

10 minutes to a better BUTT

get uppppppp peepsss!!!! its saturday... time for exercising~~~~ lets get working u olss *wink wink* today we start with tips for a better butt

10mins to a better butt
the dos & donts

DON’T overextend your hip joint. However, only a limited amount of hyperextension is possible at the hip. when past a certain point, stress is taken away from the target muscles of the glutes and is transferred to the lower back. This places stress on the hip joint and lumbar region and can lead to injury.

DO concentrate on keeping constant tension on your glutes. Once you feel an intense contraction, reverse direction and begin the next rep.

DON’T twist your body to complete a rep. The body tries to gain leverage during training by using ancillary muscles for assistance. In many glute exercises, this is accomplished by contorting the upper body. When your torso is twisted, excessive torsion forces are placed on the vertebral column, often leading to disc rupture.

DO maintain strict form, moving only the required muscles. To get the most out of your efforts, it is essential to resist the temptation to use leverage.

The toning workout should be performed as one complete set. You should move from one exercise to the next without any rest in between. After completing all three exercises, repeat the entire set. Take a 30-second rest then do one final set of all three.

During the rest, Schoenfeld says you should take the time to stretch the muscles. The entire workout should take approximately 10 minutes.

Unilateral Hip Extension
Begin by placing your left knee on the bottom of an inclined bench. Bend your elbows and place your forearms across the top of the bench, so they support your body weight. Slowly raise your right leg as high as comfortably possible, keeping it straight throughout the move. Contract your glutes and then reverse direction, returning back to the start position. After performing the desired number of repetitions, repeat the process on your left.

Standing Leg Curl
Begin by attaching a weight to your right ankle. Grasp onto a stationary object and slowly curl your right foot upward, stopping just short of touching your butt (or as far as comfortably possible). Contract your right hamstring and then reverse direction, returning back to the start position. After performing the desired number of repetitions, repeat the process with the weight on your left leg.

Kneeling Abduction
Begin by kneeling on the ground, assuming an “all-fours” position. Keeping your right leg bent, raise it to the side as high as comfortably possible. Contract your glutes and then slowly return the weight along the same path back to the start position. After finishing the desired number of repetitions, repeat the process on your left.

are you ready....? bring it on!!

*source : Kim Droze*

Friday, May 28, 2010

am a proud daughter

to my bros & sis abroad who may not know this yet.....
soooooo proud of our papa as being

ITEX 2010 continues to showcase the latest inventions and innovations by higher learning and research institutions, individual inventors and from the corporate sectors of the Asia and European countries.

The exhibition also functions as an international platform to promote and enhance the development and utilisation of inventions and designs. It creates opportunities for network building between local and international inventors and scientists worldwide and maximises exposure of award winning products and technologies to a global audience. Both individuals and companies will find opportunity in ITEX 2010 to market their inventions and secure business ventures with investors.

click here for more info on ITEX 2010

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