Thursday, September 30, 2010

its gonna be a loooooooong day.... *sigh*

yup yup yup.... its gonna loooooooooooooooooooong today!!!! just dont like it to stay back late yesterday and having a looooooooooooooooooooooong day today...

can i stop the clock?
can i take leave?
can i stay outside?
can i just pretending nothing happen?
can i...... boss?

owh owh owh.. i know! i just C.A.N.T.. all i need is a

rejuvenating weekend

how about a short getaway? hell yeaaaaaahhhhh~~~ ok hana, just speed up today!!

go go hana~!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FINALLY.... am so happy!!

its been a long waited decision that i have been waiting for... its been demoralized ever since i knew that its not gonna be the same anymore. after many ding dong ding dong, and with it being official, i have nothing else to say except

I AM freaking HAPPY


its gonna be better..  its gonna be H.U.G.E~!!!

raw food diet... do u dare?

i came across this article while searching for a helth tips. somehow it surprise me for the fact that there are people who choose
Raw Food Diet

to slim down and lose some weight. this type of diet let you to consume unprocessed, whole plant-based food, at least 75% uncooked. owh..No-NO... dont get me wrong here ya~ its not like eating uncooked food like the japanese~~ its actually consist of fresh fruit, vege blablabla.

why raw food diet? to retain the nutritional value in which cooked food *above 47degC* normally lose those essential enzyme. so question is now.. can u stand the plant-based only? what? u cant?? nevermind... there are few more types of raw diet food

raw veganism - whole foods e.g. vege, nuts, seeds blablabla
raw vegetarinism - whole food + dairy + egg
raw animal food diet - owh yes.. u read it rite!

in case you wanna know which celebrity that use this diet, its all time favourite

rachael ray

wanna know details about raw food diet? visit howcelebsdiet

source : howscelebsdiet, google


shread that F.A.T.. u go gurl~!!!

am so happy to see your weight lose week-by-week. just couldnt imagine i am going to meet a NEW Shakira in just a blink of eyes~!

last week... 6kg

this week..... 5kg

plus winning the monsoon cup challenge and..... the biggest loser this week~!!!! weehhoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

am soooooo jealous with the full body massage that ur team have won
good timing, great winnning

u go gurl~!!!!

p/s : cannot la enjoy our cake outing anymore... sob sob

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

cantik macam sape?

everyday i will look at qist's face and deeply into her eyes i will said "cantiknye qistina ni..!" and soon my lil qist started to learn the meaning of C.H.A.N.T.E.K

me : eh.. mama belum tgk dia lagi today
qist : *with big smiley face look at my eyes"
me : cantiknye~~!!!! macam sape ye... macam..hmmm...macam...hmm.....
qist : *started to give bigger smile...* acam.... eeesheihhh!!!!
me : aahla... macam princess~!!!


i want that iPhone4, please..........

with the newly launched iPhone 4, i bet many of thounsand of us are craving for it rite?? not only the new features, the package introduced is very much entertained *blinkblink* ur eyes! the new iPhone 4 carried a better features and specs

iPhone 4.. NEW phase begins

miss your love one? its just a click away.. enable video calling at all time~

HD video recording
everybody is eyeing HD nowadays.. its just perfect!

retina display
how good ur pretty eyes are, thats the best resolution ever~

5-megapixels camera
just dont miss ur great moment peeps *wink*

so what are u waiting for?? view the package now by

info from

mamakuQis is B.A.C.K~~

to serve you better, to deliver your masterpiece, to make u proud with ur event & party~
 our kitchen has started operating yesterday and orders keep on buzzing!

mamakuQis is available ALL YEAR ROUND~~!!! just call us when u r craving it *wink*

thank you for your support!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

they are sooo cute!!

yesterday i watached

i am old enough

its a japanese show every sunday at 6pm. awwwww.. they are soo cute!! small kids that is given task to complete by their parents. some gotta go to the mall & buy stuff, some go to the fish market and some go & deliver their dad's safely helmet!! sooooooo C.U.T,E!!

october is coming..... any bell's ringing?

mine mine mine!!!! *HUGE smiley face* ghheeeeee..... everyday i will come across and drop by peep

Ferragamo Reversible Shearling Tote bag..... without fail!!

LV Monogram Idylle Speedy.... see the smile??

Tods G-Bag.... *melting*

dear fairy godmother... can u turn my ferragamo into wish list above? *i bet u can!!*

the amazing is back!

is didnt realise it until i saw the ulang tayang yesterday!! gosh... i guess am too busy supporting biggest loser asia 2~~~

so far no team preferences yet. its gonna be soon peeps~~! just a few teams that makes me throw up~~ *weekkkkkkkk* if u wanna be cry baby, quit the race.....~! *LOL*

bayangkan hana.basri & ku in the race..... *awesome!!!!!!!*

Sunday, September 26, 2010

i heart PAVILION *wink*

yesterday was an unplanned outing to Pavilion KL. initially i planned to drop by alamanda for a weekend outing with lil qist but turn up delayed and delayed and cancelled! huhu. think becoz am too tired with stuff. mamakuQis order is opening soon peeps~!! later last nite my parents has a wedding at the Royale Chulan Hotel that makes my bro search its location. well... this japanese dont know where is the Hotel *daaa~~* he straight away said nk pegi pavilion la while waiting for papa & mama. i was like "ha? awak nk gi pavilion?? hurm....". gladly papa tak siap lagi and i later then "nk pegi jugak!!! tolong tolong" heheheheheheheh *LOL* slamat la mak ada baju yg dah ready on the hanger kak oi~~ slamat timing bersiap & make up touch up!!

i heart PAVILION KL now!!

after i heart the Garden Midvalley. the stuff, the clothes, the S.A.L.E, the environment, the salesperson, the parking rate, the..... everything!!

p/s : my dear ku.. please spare "some" hours next weekend ya~~ *wink*
love u love u!! *LOL*

Saturday, September 25, 2010

open house = NO-NO??? haiya~~!

this weekend gonna be lots and lots of RAYA OPEN HOUSE. am just too excited to go and too excited to meet up old frens


ku is not around.. *again*
car still in workshop.. *sigh*

of course am so damn boring and hate it sooo much when i knew the fact that next 2 weeks its gonna be more and chances of going is SLIM!!!

haiya....~!!!! what is raya without open house if my own house is always close??

*baik duduk hotel jeeeeeeeee*

Thursday, September 23, 2010

mixed nut bar.. tempting!

thats why people said.... bagus naik public transport nih~! huhu coz we will keep updated with latest info and of course, great bargain~ when i reached kl sentral station, there was a promo for F&N Alive mixed nut bar. i tell you i am so into nuts bar!!! cant resist it even during holiday.. beijing, sydney, qatar etc. it was their newly launched product

and i was very much enjoyed it and suddenly my idea bulb came out *ting!* texted my bro and he agreed with my idea.... why not mamakuQis have a product somewhere along mixed nut bar line kan????

my adrenaline rush now *wink*

planning for next short getaway & VACAY2011

am sooooooo into travelling peeps!! alhamdulillah it has been a great journey together and we are very much looking forward for our

short getaway & VACAY2011

i already have the destination for VACAY2011. told ku that if am not pregnant or my delivery due date sometime in june2011, maybe we can go during end of apr2011. sempat lagi.... ku answered simple & sweet "doa la tak sempat. vacay2011 will wait us" awww....... *melting*

but am still crawling around for our short getaway coming dec09. any suggestion peeps?? our target destination... domestic or asian country. thinking of

melaka - never been for a REAL getaway that includes all intereting places & shopping spots
langkawi - never ever been with ku even ku's kampong in jalan kuala kedah *gosh*

bangkok - teringinnnnnn shopping overthere!!!!! but the situation is quite unpredictable lah
phuket - maybe no-no kot coz our getaway gonna be in dec09 *takot tsunami*

bandung - yezzzaa.. shopping heaven rite?!
bali - ini pon same kes takot dgn phuket tp mahu pergi!! gi mana ya dong~

singapore - been there, done that during preggy my lil qist. but the universal studio seems calling *wink*

*thinking thinking thinking*

VACAY 2010 : theSummary

day10 marked our touch down at the KLIA around 7.30am. thanx to papa & my bro for picked us up at the airport with same uniform! huhu

so peeps! thanx for reading our journey

VACAY 2010
Melbourne + Sydney
10 days

feel free to click on theSummary below and posted any query to assist ur next vacay! *wink*


mamakuQis opening order soon!!

ollaaa peeps~!! am sure everyone now has come to ur mode of Raya Open House *wink* with that i would greatly honoured to announce that our HOME MADE mamakuQis cookies will be opening order

starting 27 Sept 2010 onwards

buzz me, email me, sms me, call me~~ any kind of buzzing will do!

owh yeah.. we are available ALL YEAR ROUND peeps!! we do cater for
SpecialFunction, BirthdayParty, Wedding, Hamper, Giftbasket, Giftbox and many more
call us and we will give you the best deal and of course, your masterpiece!!

thank you for supporting mamakuQis!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i think shes COOL~

yesterday while waiting for the comuter at the station, i was quite stunned by looking at this pretty lady.. she was all dress up with

purple long kaftan dress

great hair do

and not to forget her LV Monogram Vernis Alma GM

yes its authentic u ols~ i bet she must have a date somewhere and i thin shes seriously COOL by using local transportation and dressed up like that. of course everyone is looking..!!!!

U R COOL girl *wink*

VACAY2010 : Day09_TheRocksMarket.Departure

DAY NINE was our last day of vacay in Sydney. it marked our closing of VACAY2010. we still woke up early to do all packing before targetting to head to


its located at the opposite site of Sydney Opera House or to be specific.. near to the Harbour Bridge. its fun to stroll around here coz the stuff sold here.. its rather unique but still quite pricey. its not like our normal pasar malam but more like pasar seni

then we stroll along the harbour, snapped some of our last pix here.. *sad* huhu. we target to reach malaysia hall by 12pm coz we know it will be quite a walk from the hall to the bus 400 stop to airport.  however.... let me share you our rezeki here *wink*

after did all packing and ready to go, the was this one kind man whom offered us a ride to the airport. he dropped by malaysia hall to do his laundry. we was like "eh.. takpela.. menyusahkan u nnt. airport jauh". he said "takpala... hang org malaysia, aku pon sama, marila.. ni namanye rezeki" and yes indeed it was a rezeki for us! he sent us straight to the airport with his MPV. the funny thing was qist dont want to take the ride. she said "nanak..nanak.. nak walk" LOL. coz qist always afraid of strangers!

alhamdulillah we arrived airport safely and qist was very very happy with her brand new skirt bought at the DFO. alhamdulillah we met 2 young japanese girl in which we passed them our MyMulti pass for local transportation

our jetstar connected us to Melbourne before our flight back to Malaysia via Airasia

welcome back peeps!!

of yes....! after looooooong holiday, surely you have been packed since Monday...

catch up with works
meetings & meetings
getting the booster for the rest of the week
eating kuih raya again & again

get mpre energy, get a good rest coz this week is gonna end soon *wink*


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

why i have NO blog post today?

 i planned to woke up at 4.30am as i usually did... I DID
i snoozed my alarm that makes me woke up 5 mins later... I DID
i woke up and sat for 5 mins... I DID
i slept again and woke up half hour later.. I DID


why lah i dont have any blog post today??

am just sleepy.. really sleepy
am just tired.. really tired
am just exhausted.. really exhausted
even after many hours of recovering my sleep
still... am just very very sleepy


i decided to sleep early tonite
i have prepared everything to sleep early


i opened my FB
"BIGGEST LOSER ASIA SEASON 2 PREMIERE - 9.00pm tonight on Diva Universal (Astro Ch. 702) !!!! ;D"

gosh.....~!!!! i almos forgot this!!! sorry for cant make it to ur premiere party tonite but i am surely will support u gurl~~~!!!


p/s: she a babe... so, watch out guys!! *wink*

Monday, September 20, 2010

VACAY2010 : Day08_BlueMountain.SydneyOperaHouse

our DAY EIGHT journey tooks us to the

Blue Mountain

we took a train from the city straight to this place. it was a 2hours ride from city but for ur.. it ends up to be 4 hours!! hahhahha. simply becoz we dont know about the 2hr-train *gosh* we reach Blue Mountain around noon. firstly, we purchase a

Tram Hop-On Hop-Off Ride

there was only 2 tram or bus hop-on hop-off rides available. we took the tram to have the old-time feel~~ this place is rather small but we enjoy it very much especially the

Echo Point

where its main attraction is here..

3 Sisters

from the Echo Point, we made our way for the

Scenic World

that gave us opportunity to have a feel of 4 different rides

Skyway, Cableway, Railway, Walkway


it was very fascinating to see those attractions using these rides!! we continue on our journey until dust before we headed back to the City. it was very very B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L during this time... *subhanallah*

when we arrived at the City, there was still plenty of time to catch the moment so we decided to have a closer feel of the

Sydney Opera House

yup!!! its indeed... a masterpiece~~ simply and truly the O.N.E. enjoy all pix peeps!~

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