about hana.basri

hana.basri is a working mama, a businesswoman in the making, a mother to kuqist and a wife to kaka. she has a high energy, cannot "stood still" a.k.a get bored easily and always search for new things in life daily. she is a simple lady that l.o.v.e. travelling, cooking, health, beauty and shopping. she l.i.k.e. to educate people on beauty, health and self development topics.

hana.basri’s favourite are...

amazing race has taught her to face her fear, go out and get challenged!! bungee jumping? car drift? are now her dream and waiting for it to come true

astro afc and travel&living has taught her the sense of cooking… smell, taste, balance, colour and perfection!

oprah winfrey & rachael ray has taught her to become creative, think outside the box, communication and adaptability with people and environment

around-the-globe has opened her eyes to the great al-mighty’s creation and taught her well in expanding boundaries.. life is more challenging if you continue seeking it~

life is short... you never knew when will it end. so do what you want to do instead of what you think you have to become. our journey has started and it will never end. that’s why hana.basri’s blog is a



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