Thursday, December 22, 2011

one cafe latte sweetheart..... SIAP!!

first time ever buat cafe latte at home. well... since i dont have skill to prepare the best coffee in the world, so justified la kan to have red kaldi at home *wink* sememangnye bukan peminum coffee but i LOVE the smell~~~ and there goes my coffee class at 11pm!! haha. setelah meng-youtube-kan diri, terhasillah....

my 1st Cafe Latte

what you need?

red kaldi *ehem*

premium espresso
velvety body, caramel-like aroma, earthly flavor, bittersweet finish

fresh milk
i saw them using marigold milk, tapi tak ke sudah mencari.. last2 hangkot jela susu ni

how to prepare?

prime your kaldi *suruh sahaja sales agent buat. harap makum*
balik rumah masukkan air, plug in, wait....
masukkan capsule and tekan button
panaskan susu


dah siap cafe latte *version saya-tak-minum-coffee-tapi-hebat-gile-buat-latte*

kellas kau hana~~

p/s : owh.... btw, ku cakap "takde gula ke?" GULP!!! nampak sangaaaaatttttttttt fail~

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

and that smell with always be there~!!!!

remember about this "i heart a coffee machine"? after long search, reading, comparing, budgeting blablabla...... say hello to missy CBTL Red Kaldi~~!!!! owh yes.... its RED! just like the way i love the colour & smell~~

one latte sweetheart!! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

i wonder if this happen here....

my first impression would be *nauzubillah* O&G engineers has been receiving this picture since yesterday especially those working in the Northern Europe *thanx hari*......

Hurricane "Bawbag" as seen from the Ekofisk platform in the north sea. The walkway connects the accommodation platform to the production platform.

take a very good care out there han. we always pray for your safety especially when 
14th Dec is tomorrow!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

its 10 cents ONLY????

yes yes... dont miss it tonite~~!! promotion for only

am so hoping it covers international destination as well~~~!! 

will it, captain awesome??

Friday, December 2, 2011

pssss..... do you know JPO has opened??

last tuesday i received this JPO invitation ..... at first cam "eh betul ke im invited" teetttttt~~ quite excited coz rasa cam VIP pulak dpt this invitation!!! *chewah* tapi disebabkan this pre-sales is on 1st Dec *iye semalam*.. terpaksa la kuburkan hajatku kerana ada important meeting... *sedih kan*


bile i browse through the website, owh yes..... seriously Johor Premium Outlet will be launched soon.. i mean.. very soon!!! so u ols~~ ape lagey.... kata end of year holiday kan!!

among high brand are

armani, burberry, lacoste, ralph lauren, zegna, coach, micheal kors, 

yg paling penting.... i aim for

salvatore ferragamo
cotton on

tak payah u ols susah payah pegi japan, korea, usa just to go to this place!!!!

ape lagi u ols~~~

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