Friday, February 25, 2011

saaaaanggaaaaatttttt JAM!!

OMG!!!! sepatutnye friday is the celebration day for weekends~~ means less workload, enjoyable moment blablabla..... tapi harini i dah rasa macam 
big fat stress hippo

already!!! aduyaiyyyy....tolong!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Health&Biz101 : RICH dad vs POOR dad?

reading RichDadPoorDad books makes me learn a lot of new things. mmg sangat banyak knowledge yg kite tak ketahui di sebalik RICH dad. secara ringkas, ingat quadrant ni? i share earlier here.

POOR dad refers to people yg falls under E dan S category. nk tau sesuatu? 95% of total world population mmg reside dlm POOR quadrant. ok camni... poor bukan bermaksud miskin. owh tidak. tetapi this category tidak mempunyai income yg self generated atau income yg bergerak sendiri tanpa kite perlu bekerja keras. ini termasukla sesiapa sahaja yg kerja gomen, kerja GLC, keje swasta... asal bunyik keje utk company. nah... samela kategori itu. utk self employed pula, rujuk ulasan terdahulu saya HERE ya. 

RICH dad pula refers to org yg falls under B dan I category. org sebegini mempunyai income yg bergerak sendiri tanpa perlu bekerja keras. tgh tido malam pon income masuk!!! ulasan lanjut.. refer HERE

so ape yg kite perhatikan di sini? mengikut penulis buku ini *Robert Kiyosaki* in order to move from POOR quadrant to RICH quadrant bukanlah sesuatu yg mudah. haruuuuasssslah tak kan~ ia memerlukan

courage, determination, motivation

seseorang itu must be very strong to be able to be in RICH quadrant. even the writer sendiri pernah menjadi employee dan quite his job to be a biz owner. soalannye disini adakah anda rasa....

tidak mampu utk melakukan nye? 
aaahhh.... impossible! ?
gile kau nk quite job! sape nak kasi duit?
sape yg brani buat ni mmg brani mati aaa?
byk commitment laa... tak mungkin berani quit job?

and the list goes on kan~ sbb ape anda rasa begitu? ramai antara RICH dad ini tidak dtg dari rich family. they are able to develop their own wealth. how???

courage, determination, motivation

malam ni tido pikir-pikirkan ya..... ill share next week on how come 95% of world population reside in POOR quadrant


STUNNING bags @ 5-7% discount!!!!!!! sape mau?

this morning i sangat sangat impressed when i was tagged to a collection of bags~~~ OMG!!!!! seriously the design is wow, modern, chic, stylish!! i mmg sgt impressed *again* u ols tgk jela ni~~

tak cukup lagi?? tapi dah rasa mmg sgt CHANTEK kan~~~ *mengaku je ok!* hehe

ok ok... dah impress tak? teruja tak tgk? mmg cantik & stylish habeeessssss. ni snapshot jeeee. visit

and browse lagi banyak bags!! they have satchel, tote, hobo, etnik, backpack, pouch, clutch.... oooo... banyak sgt lah nk list down kat sini!!! mau penuh kot~

owh owh owh... paling penting~~ nk discount kan kan?? seperti biasa lah....

5% for 1 bag
7% for 3 bags above 
in a single order

tapi jangan lupe mention that to entitle discount tu!! i tak dapat commission ponnn... tapi its exclusively for my reader only ~~ *wink*

happy shopping peeps!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NZ owh NZ......

sume mesti dah tau kan NZ dilanda earthquake 6.3 magnitude. sangat byk the places of interest affected lebih2 lagi NZ sangat popular for nature reserve. dugaan sungguh nk sampai ke sana....

A group of people travel with Glacier Explorers to see one of the many icebergs that caved into Tasman Lake as a result of the 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, Tuesday, February 22, 2011. The quake hit at the height of a busy workday, toppling tall buildings and churches, crushing buses and killing dozens of people in one of the country's worst natural disasters. (AP Photo/NZPA, Denis Callesen) 

Rescue workers sift through the debris of a collapsed building after an earthquake rocked Christchurch, New Zealand, Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011. The 6.3-magnitude quake hit at the height of a busy workday Tuesday, toppling tall buildings and churches, crushing buses and killing dozens of people in one of the country's worst natural disasters. (AP Photo/NZPA, David Wethey) 

Debris crush a car outside the Christchurch Catholic Cathedral after an earthquake rocked Christchurch, New Zealand, Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011. The 6.3-magnitude quake hit at the height of a busy workday, toppling tall buildings and churches, crushing buses and killing dozens of people in one of the country's worst natural disasters. (AP Photo/NZPA, David Wethey) 

source :

iPad 2... MUST-have features against competitors!

everyone knew iPad is a breakthrough innovation by Apple last year kan? now... ada buzz buzz for new iPad 2 yg akan launch this year. in fact some says very very very sooooooon. so ape yg iPad 2 MUST-have to compete dgn latest competitors like (clockwise, start top left) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Motorola Xoom, both running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), and also the HP (Palm) TouchPad. (last pix iPad)


The Xoom has a decent 5 megapixel snapper, while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has an astounding 8 megapixel camera.

dual core processor
minimum of 1.2GHz to stay ahead of the competitors

retina/higher resolution display
compared to the rest, Apple is completely fine

slimmer/smaller form factor
Currently the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is 0.07 inches (1.8mm) thinner than the iPad released last April.

expandable memory
Only the Xoom has a SD card slot. However, Apple has never been keen on adding this to its iPhone or iPod Touch range.


Palm’s WebOS has, in my opinion, the most attractive, and least obtrusive message notifications out of any mobile operating system

Let’s face it, Android and WebOS both look miles more appealing than the iconic iOS grid-look

almost embarrassed to see how the BlackBerry Playbook’s browser blew Apple’s out of the water when it came to page loading speed.


definitely see more changes to hardware than software in this iPad 2

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

are you JAPANESE enuff??

tak ramai tau yg i have japanese blood in me *wink* nola.... not kidding ma~~ true story. my great grandmother is pure japanese from japan. tp bile sampai kat i, hilang ke-japanese-an nye!! cume my dad slalu cakap they way we talk mcm japanese *perli la tu!* LOL. owh... ape maksud title arini? its specifically for my bro mito-san. so mito.... sila baca betul2 yeee

awak penah tya kan uniqlo takde kat malaysia ke? my answer is "dono laaaa". hehhehehe. tak heran pon sbenanye. last year baru la uniqlo hot in malaysian market. maybe ramai dah tau pasal this japanese brand. sgt hot ye!! and to answer ur Q earlier, goooooood newsssss!!!!!

uniqlo @ KLCC

soon :D *huge huge huge smiley face* haaa...... bukan tu sahaja ye, the store will be very very very the vast HUGE!!! kalau korang tau dulu kat concourse level ada G-2000, watatime, kfc rite? now that 3 whole lot is transform into 


yeah... hidup uniqlo!!! gambate gambate uniqlo-san~~ uniqlo ni ada baju, seluar etc for men, women and also kids!! haaa.... senang gitu~~ all in. so mito.... gumbira tak?? toyo eng deeeeekat je dgn klcc~~ boleh shop tetiap hari!! tak payah la bawak balik uniqlo belambak dari japan next month. bawak diri je cukup!! and yen skali *wink*


Monday, February 21, 2011

nak discount lagi?? jom BIG SALE tonite!!!

isk isk isk...... korang ni mmg kaki sale lah~~ pagi tadi 90% discount.. la ni biggggger than BIG SALE pulak!!! u ols mesti dah plan macam2 kan after raya nnt esp cuti sekolah. ape lagi.... join lah

tonite @ 00:00, 22 Feb 2011
booking : 22 - 27 Feb 2011
travel : 13Sept11 - 29Feb12

bersedialah korang bersengkang mata pulun habis utk sale ni. iyeeee... tepat skali~ agak2 esok jadi zombie kat office, pandai2 la adjust tido bawah meja masa lunch!! LOL

domestic : from RM11
asia : from RM30
international : from RM100

nampak nampaaakkk..... dahsyaaaaaatttttttt......!!!! *sila baca macam nazmi raja lawak5* hhahhahah. nak detail lagi??

up to 90% discount all year round!!! sape nak??

lajuuuu je tangan sume click kan~~?? huhuhu. mestilaaaa..... sape tanak discount kan! lagi2 kalau up to 90%. terbeliak kot mata!! rasanye ramai dah tau about this kind of offer website. i sendiri pon dah lama gune. kadang2 bile borak dgn frens, tak semua pulak yg tau. so here it is the website yg u ols bleh purchase those discounts!! its updated daily so tetiap hari la korang click n check kay? ada spa deals, food, vacation etc. byk lah! offers daily deals on the best stuff to do, eat, see and buy in Malaysia. Our website matches buyers and sellers in an exciting win-win situation. While consumers enjoy great deals and share them with family and friends via word-of-mouth and viral marketing, merchants gain new customers and publicity at zero risk. The attractive deals for our customers are made possible by merchants recognising the significant benefits of being featured on

GroupsMore is a movement of young Malaysians who believe that life should be exciting. And the best way to achieve that is to try something new & exciting every week.™ is a joint venture between MindValley and the Catcha Media Group.  By partnering with, you will get access the marketing expertise and advertising resources of two of the most successful Internet and media publishing companies in this region

Everybody loves a good deal. What more if they are great deals. At MilkADeal, we only bring you deals worth ‘milking’ and one that we know people would go MAD about.

happy deals-ing!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

SpecialSlot : Petua Isteri sentiasa ABQARO

Ustazah Dr Fatimah Az-Zahra menurunkan petua untuk kaum ibu menjaga diri agar sentiasa jadi macam 'abqaro' menurut ayat di dalam Surah al-Waqiah.

'Abqaro' ini bermaksud perawan yang sentiasa menjadi perawan. Ayat ini baik untuk diamalkan setiap hari oleh kaum ibu untuk menjaga kesihatan luar dan dalam.

Selepas solat Isya', ambil segelas air, baca Al-Fatihah sekali, Ayatul Qursi sekali dan Surah Al-Waqiah ayat 35-38 sebanyak 7 kali. Tiup dalam air dan minum. Niat dlm hati utk menjaga kecantikan diri & utk kebahagiaan rumahtangga.

TERJEMAHAN Surah Al-Waqiah ayat 35-38:

(56.35) Sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan isteri-isteri mereka dengan ciptaan istimewa,
(56.36) Serta Kami jadikan mereka sentiasa dara (yang tidak pernah disentuh),
(56.37) Yang tetap mencintai jodohnya, serta yang sebaya umurnya,
(56.38) (Semuanya itu disediakan) bagi puak kanan. 


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Health&Biz101 : WHY I do this?

salam & hi everyone! *formalnyeee* ingat tak i planned to have satu slot to discuss and share about Health & Business (H&B) class every wednesday. owh... for those yg baru membaca, mesti blank blank ni~ takpe takpe... mari recap

started jan2011 i attend a Health & Business (H&B) class every wednesday nite. of course lah class start around 9pm and last until 12am the most *wink* no no no.. its not a master or phd class. its something that i love doing it. sbbnye.... i ni health cautious and to do a business, ill go for a HealthBiz. coz i know people nowadays are more and more alert about health. and to choose a product, i mmg sgt detail and would not eat any other supplement or medication without knowing what, why, how it works!! haaa... cerewet kan?? takpe... for own health... berbaloi baloi~~ enuff said

i ada share earlier few articles that trigger and change my mindset. i started to read books *ye i dont read books before*, learn about financial, learn the current economics effect and impact, learn about just anything yg boleh membantu diri saya utk lebih financial savvy! sbb i percaya to do a business, you must first have financial IQ. so started to share few articles....

i planned to have a this HealthBiz slot every wednesday in this blog, tapi rasanye... better to have it every kamis so that its still fresh in my mind and best time to share. insyaAllah.. i hope my knowledge, my info will benefit u ols in short and long term run.. be it for health or business


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the icon that i admire her style most!

of course fashion idol is very much synonym dgn artis kan~ some say datuk ct is the most favourable fashion diva. not to forget mrs emran, erra fazira. but for me... i admire 
sazzy falak the most!

i think her fashion idea is simple, fresh and vogue!! kelllassssssss gitu~ she always bring out the classic combination yet with some fresh touch

source : Sazzy's FB

Monday, February 14, 2011

you celebrate Valentine tak?

since today is 14 Feb, everybody pikirkan Valentine. either its really necessary or its even forbid. rite? pagi2 i dah denga about "Single Day" arini in owh~~ just a classic clash! huhu. but honestly... why people celebrated Valentine if its forbid? why are we trying to be like other people just to fit the bills? why not... be ourselves kan~ i like the day becoz sana sini jual bunga, chocolate, candle light dinner, XOXO *opppss!* i still remember dulu when i tried *yes, tried to* to celebrate Valentine, ku ask me "kenapa kene celebrate?" terruussss takde answer~~ yes his right! kenapa ye kene celabrate Valentine? sebab org lain sume celebrate kot......... since ku is my first LOVE *and the last* we never celebrated V-day. just remember that u dont need V-day to show that you care, to show that you love, to show that you are everything! just show it

love + care + xoxo


self employed or business owner?

semlm when reading RichDadPoorDad book by Robert Kiyosaki, he made me realised one thing.. one fact that kite ingat its always the same

self employed vs business owner

most of us realise that business is the key to generate wealth and rich. so by starting a business, we have a thought that self employed and business owner is the same. we thot that by having our own business means kite ni a business owner. yela... bile org tya, "ko buat ape skang".. kite jawab "business". so bunyiknya is more or less same.... ada business, keje sendiri, business sendiri etc. tapi kite sebenarnye kurang memahami erti kata 

self employed vs business owner

from my reading,  self employed  is actually kite bekerja sendiri. walaupun mempunyai business, business tersebut tidak melibatkan a chain of process and a network of people. lebih kepada.. daripada kite sebagai penjual, kepada pembeli. lebih kepada small business strategy.

 business owner  pula dedifinasikan sebagi business yg kita miliki mempunyai rangkain yg lebih besar, demand yg berterusan, more chain of process and of course, melibatkan lebih ramai network of people.

being rich is not a self employed but instead, a business owner
being successful is not a self employed but instead, a business owner

pada masa kini, bukan sahaja dia Malaysia malah serata dunia, 95% of people is actually "working for money" but only 5% sahaja tergolong dalam kategori "money work for us". how does it differ?

 "working for money"  adalah pengajaran yg telah zaman berzaman diajar di sekolah, di universit iaitu "study hard, get good grades, get good jobs, secure future". is it familiar to you? in which kite bekerja untuk sesebuah organisasi atau syarikat 8-5pm everyday, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 48 weeks a year. banyak masa kite dperuntukkan utk itu bukan? whoosshh!!! tapi mengapa kite bekerja keras begitu but when we get retired, we dont deserve the amount that we have? jawapannye.. THINK

 "money work for us"  on a different end is the one that school dont taught us, university hide from us, we never knew until we read financial books. to be in this 5% group requires a chance... BIG chance! mengapa perubahan yg besar? ia memerlukan komitmen yg tinggi. why? becoz 95% of us are afraid of this path. simple kan? kerana kite telah diajar zaman berzaman utk tidak termasuk dlm golongan yg kecil ini. tetapi being in this small group means a financial freedom, business owner, investor

how to know more? buy Rich Dad Poor Dad book @ bookstore *wink* only RM35.90 je.... u can get 20% at Kinokuniya (with another purchase)

stay financial savvy u guys!

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