Tuesday, February 14, 2012

our first gadget 2012.... its Samsung *again*

Alhamdulillah… we started this year with a very good news lies ahead. Praying for a good outcome, insyaAllah. Same goes to last year, tetiap tahun mesti nak collect some gadgets here and there. Lagi best kalau free la kan~~ haha :P last year we closed with our RED Kaldi. For this year, we start our gadget search with

*pix : google*

Iyeee…. Saya tahu sudah basi kot sbb dah kuar many more model kan~~ tak kisah je.. janji ada! For me, phone is only for call, sms n wifi. Since we both are not into mobile internet *tapi kalau ada tu bonus la kan* so we opt for the cheapest among all…

And yes, for RM499 only, this phone is good enough for me *thanx han!!* in case u nk buy one, you can read first the review by phonearena here

*pix : google*

And we are now waiting and hoping to win another smart phone…… jeng jeng jeng~~~

Stay tune la ye.. sbb kalau dapat je baru update! LOL *wink*

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