Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AKPK.. thumbs up~!

today we had a talk on financial management conducted by AKPK. they call this talk as POWER talk. since its a free talk that myCompany offered once a month *apart than other talk.. business, engineering, marketing etc* so we ols pon enroll for this one. my first impression was.. 

"alamak.. 2 hours talk ke....."

expecting it to be just-a-normal-talk and planned to leave early. as it started, starting je dah very very impact~ful. sbb.... speaker nye was very very excellent!!! i would give her rating 5 *the bomb gitu...*

who is AKPK?

The Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency, or commonly known as Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK), is an agency set up by Bank Negara Malaysia in April 2006 to help individuals take control of their financial situation and gain peace of mind that comes from the wise use of credit.
AKPK offers the following services to individuals, free of charge:
  • Financial education on the responsible use of money and credit management skills
  • Counselling and advice on financial management
  • Debt management programme to assist consumers to regain financial control

so basically we can always go n meet them for any financial advice. anything u ols~!!! except how many credit card u ols nk apply la kan... *wink* they conducted a free talk/seminar etc. so rajin2 lah click kat website dorang n search for when-where its being conducted. 

we also bought this POWER book. for me, its a basic financial management knowlegde..... but the price is sooo cheap RM5 only ye... its a full colour printed book with a high quality paper *glossy one*

so drop by at AKPK and learn how to manage ur money wisely

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