Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tok Aman Bali Resort... our short getaway review

Salam everyone~ last weekend we went to Tok Aman Bali Resort for our short getaway. Alhamdulillah the room was paid sbb my hubby ada team building *hehe* we went by flight sbb jauh sgt nk drive with the 3 princesses. big sister was very much happy sbb dpt naik train erl. as usual before pegi mana2 pon i sgt suka buat research walaupon nk pegi marriott putrajaya yg sekangkang kera dari rumah i tu! this resort has a good review from blogger from my reading. so this time around, its my own review based on our experience...

First Impression
since we went during tengkujuh, so expected la some rain some not-so-sunny-day. upon reached the resort, i was impressed with the resort itself. the whole resort is build on a ship-like shape layout. its a good start.. entering the small lobby, owh... its not like typical hotel where it will have a counter for reception. this resort has a 3 different table set on the left/right for reception, concierge and tours. what i like about the lobby is the waiting area. welcoming drink.. average orange cordial juice. quite sweet for me. while the lobby is facing the outdoor terrace that has small fish pond and leading to swimming pool, there was a magnet pulling us out there! the outdoor landscape was plain, not so hotel-like.

The Room
our room was on the ground floor.. so alhamdulillah we dont need to bring our 15kg twin stroller naik tangga! entering the room.. nice interior. clean. opening the sliding door for verandah... wah facing the lake gitew~ since it was "baby" raining, so the floor kat hujung2 verandah basah2 sket. the good part is the verandah is quite clean. not like some of other resort we have went yg verandah nye mmg lah berpasir, hitam kaki kalau jalan! but this one not to say very clean... but only clean. the room lighting is quite dim aka tak terang sgt.

the is one king size bed and a chaise lounge chair *kerusi panjang tu* the bed is good, pillow x3 okaylaa.. not so comfy. for the lounge chair tu, hurmm.... i have a problem. hehe. it was not well maintain coz i can see black dot-dots on it. its pillow pon ada stain that shows it was never wash *erk* ok takpe... small matter for me... kids.. dont play on it!! haha. overall the room concept is bali resort like. only then takde la patung bagai~ bagus!

the bathroom has a bathtub and shower area. its clean, no lumut-lumut one especially at the shower area. for the toiletries provided, its average only. shower gel, shampoo, soap, cotton bud, shower cap. nothing to fancy on. bathroom ni ada a window where we can see our bed. i suka concept ni coz we can feel the bathroom is BIG. and somemore, senang nk tgk the kiddies mandi manda

The Food
its average.. only average. it was served at the thai restaurant sbb ramai kot. no no... it was not a thai food. only makan kat restaurant tu je. the egg counter was quite slow in making a omelette sbb ada satu je stove. huhu. 

The Facilities
first thing first i will check out the kids club. it was a frustration since the room is rather small and the toys was not well selected. for me, the kids club need a LOT of improvement. i rsa the resort score on outdoor facilities. sbb it has many of outdoor games kite bleh rent. from cycling, kayaking, paddle boating, kids playground, swimming pool... i am very much satisfied with the outdoor! kids playground tu nampak mcm baru... good maintenance. swimming pool pulak quite big. ada 2 slides but one is down for maintenance aka rosak. tp since musim hujan n tengkujuh, mmg menggigil2 la princesesses sbb angin yg super strong~ the resort sets very near to the beach. syokla petang tu kami jalan2 nk g beli jagung bakar. tgh2 memilih skali... hujan lebat dtg sekelip mata je. lintang pukang lari cari tempat berteduh!! seronok jugaklaa... sbbnye tak penah pon exerience this kind of windy season. sbb tersgt windy jadi hujan tu dtg sekali lalu je. interesting!

this Tok Aman Balik Resort score 4/5 star from my own review. the thing that they need to improve is better outdoor landscape, maintenance for room cleanliness esp the lounge chair and food. 

will i come back? Yes!

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