Friday, August 5, 2011

SpecialSlot : Kebaikan sebiji Kurma

Salam Ramadhan semua.... eveyday masa buka puasa mesti majority akan berbuka dgn dates aka buah kurma. kebanyakkan dari kita makan sebab ianya adalah sunnah Rasulullah swt. tahukah anda betapa hebatnye kebaikan yg kita dapat daripada sebiji buah kurma?

Dates have been around for thousands of years - some archeological evidence suggests they were cultivated as long ago as 6000BC. These sweet fruits feature in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, and, as well as being delicious to eat, they're also good for you - in fact, the date palm is often referred to as 'the tree of life.' Here are just some of the health benefits of dates.
Good for the blood
Dates contain a lot of iron, which is essential for the production of red blood cells. This makes them an ideal food for anyone suffering from anaemia.

Good for energy
The naturally occuring sugars in dates - fructose, sucrose and glucose - provide a quick energy boost for a modest calorie cost. During the month of Ramadan, dates are used to break the fast. Dates are also good for the libido, and can boost sexual performance.

Good for weight loss
Dates have no fat or cholesterol, and are high in fibre. At around 23 calories per fruit, dates are the dieter's best friend, and their high fibre content means they're filling as well. Dates can also satisfy the craving for something sweet at a very modest calorie count.

Good for the digestion
Because of their high fibre content, dates help keep the bowels working well by speeding food through the digestive transit. Eating dates promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestines, and it's thought they can prevent abdominal cancer.

Good for the heart
Dates are high in potassium, which is important for the heart. In fact, dates have more potassium than bananas. The body cannot store potassium, and it's excreted in sweat, so it's important to take in regular supplies. A handful of dates is a tasty way to get your daily potassium. Dates also lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure, which can help prevent heart disease.  The selenium in dates also protects against heart disease.

Good for pregnant and nursing mothers
Dates help to strengthen the uterus during pregnancy, and can also help to stop bleeding following birth. Dates can also prevent or alleviate postnatal depression, as well as enriching breast milk, so they're one of the best foods for expectant and nursing mothers.

Good for the teeth
The fluorine content in dates strengthens tooth enamel and can help prevent cavities forming in the teeth. However, as dates are also high in sugar, be sure to clean your teeth after a meal containing dates, otherwise the benefits of the fluorine could be cancelled out by the residual sugar left in the mouth.

Dates may be small, but their health benefits are mighty. Enjoy these delicious fruits, safe in the knowledge that they're doing you a power of good

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