Friday, August 12, 2011

yesterday was GREAT!!

alhamdulillah.... semalam was simply a great day for me... started pagi2 lwith a very good news from Doha. along has received our surprise for her bday..... her BR very-the-marvellous-and-sinfully chocolate ice-cream cake. thanx k noni for being such a great fren for her and our up-close-and-private delivery hot mommy!! *wink* nampak tak muka tak sabar2 nk potong kek? LOL

next, to all my new agents *shah alam, kajang, kl* yg sangat gumbira sbb dapat customer's order lebih 1 carton in just ONE day~~ yeah... its easy-bitsy-very-the-easy to sell mamakuQis chocolate chips cookies coz we guaranteed our quality and customer's satisfaction!! *sempat promo lagi* selalunye... agent mamakuQis akan start as a customer and lepas tu promo2 tu frens.. tup tup... "eh banyak pulak orang order!!" ape nak buat next? "hi hana. boleh saya jadi agen?" senannnnnnnnggggg jeeeeeeeee! sape2 yg nk jadi lagi masih sempat ye... coz ada 1 week to close order.  if terlepas, lepas raya pon boleh coz mamakuQis available all-year-round!! 

petang pulak i received qistina's birthday parcel.... yeay it has arrived!!!! with a huge smiley face hokeh!! tapi agak cuak di situ sbb tak jumpe lagi cover kaler pink. teruslah laju je malam tadi pegi mines carik cover nye..... alhamdulillah jumpe!! cume belum kasi princess lagi coz tak sempat nk download games etc. takpe mlm ni kite surprise princess~~~

stay tune!!

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