Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i heart a coffee machine *love the smell~~*

well... people around me knows that i tak minum coffee. i just dont like the bitter tast *even mocha is no-no* but i L.O.V.E the smell of hot coffee~~~ *mmmmmmmhhhhhhhh* nyaman sekali~~~ it caught my eyes when i first saw this 

yes, its Coffee Bean & Tea Left ~~i first saw it in KLCC when the sales person approach me. just like its tagline.... "Perfectly sized for a perfect cup". i heart this KALDI in RED. for sure kalau letak kat dapur, its perfectly highlted with my white table top! 

however, last weekend while browsing thru Alamanda, masuk kejap carrefour cari barang. and i bumped into this sales person talking about this

~~ haa.... tak tau kan brand ape tu.... its by Nescafe. the function is more or less the same. and its cheaper than Kaldi. and for me.... i love the Piccolo in RED *again*

since i dont drink coffee, its not required pon for me to have this. but having in mind the lovely aroma of coffee, hey..... why not having it for ku kan~~~~ *alasan*

hello mr husband~~ *ding dong*

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