Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TQ for your thot... mr BOSS!!

alhamdulillah... after quite sometimes ive been thinking about this career movement to add spices into my working life, today baru sempat jumpe mr BOSS. and yes!! you have given some light into this dark room *chewah* now i can see the why and how you get up there so fast and people count on you very hard~

get grounded
made up your mind, passion, choose scope that you see and know that you can contribute

when you focus, then you know what to do and what need to be improved

find or create excitement in your work. you must remember that your job is not to kejar pangkat or good rating but you are actually khalifah yg ada hak kepada orang sekeliling you... family, masyarakat etc

make a change
change can come from you even your boss doesnt realize the need yet. if you know and feel that the change is important, work hard on it so that it benefit others


"think about this and once you have made up your mind, come and see me with your plan. ill see what we can do"


light bulp dah muncul~~~ 

ok you can go and meet your big boss pulak mr BOSS. tqvm for your precious time!!

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Farah Wahidda said...

i suka post yg ni! TQ :)

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