Tuesday, October 25, 2011

mamaChef is going to Dohaa~~~~

yes u read it right! mamaChef is going to Doha, Qatar today. and thats mean....... all Deepavali and Raya Haji order is very limited~~~ iye.... sempat lagi mamaChef buat before fly!!

so anyone nk order, please do so cepat coz its limited and all order will be queue accordingly. 1st come 1st reserve bebeh!!

p/s : i still owe u ols few updates....short vacay, bday celebration, castle cake princess

till i update ya~~

Thursday, October 20, 2011

teach me how to bake princess cake, plzz.......

yesterday while qistina browing thru her iPad, she came across a youtube video on 

well at first qistina was quite excited about it and cakap "kakak tu buat cake princess....." and i was busy tgk tv. tetibe from one video to another, all about castle and princess cake, she buzz me qith question....

qist : boleh tak mama buatkan tina cake princess?
mama : ermm..... mama tak tau la cane nak buat....
qist : cani cani... tina show.... *sambil tgn acting like baking* mama follow la...
mama : erm.. ok....
qist : haaa... senang kan? 
mama : ah ha laa
qist : mama buatkan la tina cake princess & castle cam ni *sambil pointing to the cake
mama : erm.... nnt mama learn dulu kay?
qist : ala.... mama buatkan la tina cake ni.....
mama : mama tak tau.. nnt mama learn dulu and mama try dulu....
qist : nape mama tak cakap ok...? *sambil muncung*

hadoi...... cane ni?? anyone has a quick how-to-bake-princess & castle-cake???

helpp nenekCHEF!!!!!!

 *all pix google. credit to owner*

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i heart a coffee machine *love the smell~~*

well... people around me knows that i tak minum coffee. i just dont like the bitter tast *even mocha is no-no* but i L.O.V.E the smell of hot coffee~~~ *mmmmmmmhhhhhhhh* nyaman sekali~~~ it caught my eyes when i first saw this 

yes, its Coffee Bean & Tea Left ~~i first saw it in KLCC when the sales person approach me. just like its tagline.... "Perfectly sized for a perfect cup". i heart this KALDI in RED. for sure kalau letak kat dapur, its perfectly highlted with my white table top! 

however, last weekend while browsing thru Alamanda, masuk kejap carrefour cari barang. and i bumped into this sales person talking about this

~~ haa.... tak tau kan brand ape tu.... its by Nescafe. the function is more or less the same. and its cheaper than Kaldi. and for me.... i love the Piccolo in RED *again*

since i dont drink coffee, its not required pon for me to have this. but having in mind the lovely aroma of coffee, hey..... why not having it for ku kan~~~~ *alasan*

hello mr husband~~ *ding dong*

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TQ for your thot... mr BOSS!!

alhamdulillah... after quite sometimes ive been thinking about this career movement to add spices into my working life, today baru sempat jumpe mr BOSS. and yes!! you have given some light into this dark room *chewah* now i can see the why and how you get up there so fast and people count on you very hard~

get grounded
made up your mind, passion, choose scope that you see and know that you can contribute

when you focus, then you know what to do and what need to be improved

find or create excitement in your work. you must remember that your job is not to kejar pangkat or good rating but you are actually khalifah yg ada hak kepada orang sekeliling you... family, masyarakat etc

make a change
change can come from you even your boss doesnt realize the need yet. if you know and feel that the change is important, work hard on it so that it benefit others


"think about this and once you have made up your mind, come and see me with your plan. ill see what we can do"


light bulp dah muncul~~~ 

ok you can go and meet your big boss pulak mr BOSS. tqvm for your precious time!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

that short getaway is soo near......

insyaAllah....... and i hope everything is in good order and NO *100x* workload hick-ups coming in last min *please*  

Dear WORK, please find me with all your hassle/push factor/work late/weekend loads/last min call/adhoc after my getaway.. thanx! ILY

i really need this~~~ *getaway mode* 

p/s : why i can see eiffle tower in that shoppng cart eh(?) *imagine truth* LOL


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