Thursday, February 28, 2013

its been 10 months!! *gosh*

salam everyone~ well... yes.. its been 10 months since my last post. teruknye!! its not that i forget about this dear blog but i actually chose to forget *eh ada ke* too many stories to be told...!!! gosh i misss my blog~~~ lets start with a short list of update since my last post in April 2012

May 2012
i was soo busy with workload since i only have like 2 months before delivery! work was at peak this time and the twin was heavier *altho they actualy..... kecils jerzzz* tido mlm was never easy but overall... my pregnancy was very good. nnt la i share in differnt post how was my twin pregnany, delivery & raising the twin caterpillars *my father always called his little grand tots caterpillar*

June 2012
my last month of work. alhamdulillah as my doa termakbul to have a replacement for my work. well.. its not really a replacement per say lah.. but i was happy *at that time!* as for pregnancy, i was entering the takot zone!! haha.... yela.. mana tau twin came out awal ke... tried to not jalan banyak2 coz it can enhanced early labour *but i just cant!!* i should have done a final check for barang2 baby and their names. but... we never have their names finalized until the very last min *terok btul kan....masa 1st anak bukan main lageyyyy* and last but not least, i started my mc + maternity leave + unpaid leave at 25 June. ape? nape unpaid ek? hurm... nnt kite cite panjang lebar in diff post

July 2012
well.... it should be the check up day for 36th weeks but twin cannot bare inside anymore!! they wanted to came out so bad that the opening was 5-6cm during the check-up. yes..! my doc even suspen coz my water bag was bulging!! ok i citer in diff post la ek.. sbb ni kan updates je. starting july ni... i masuk zone confinement + adaptation to having twin. wah..... sgt sgt mencabar!!!

Aug-Oct 2012
well... basically this 3 months was really a challenging months. so many things happen, so much energy consume, so tiring, so hectic, so tak cukop tido, so life-is-just-the-bedroom-and-dining-area, so...... many stories to be told!! nanti ye..... ill update, insyaAllah

Nov 2012
this was the month that i was very much looking forward since the twin reach their 4 months aka starting to settle down bit, less bangun malam, more predictable... but for case, it was not!!! hadoiiiiii...... owh and towards end of month i realised "alamak.. nk stat keje dah. tak buat stok ebm pon!!" haruslah i straightaway start last week of november *with just 1x pumping session.... kamon... malas kan!!*

Dec 2012
alhamdulillah... things has settled down a bit. at least they are more predictive, bole start tgk tv, being distracted with tv, toys etc. i started to introduce solid *yes.. they are just 5 mths* good to see that they have been very adaptable to solid this time

Jan 2013
arrghhhhh.....!!!! stat keje means masuklah i into zone sangat sangat mencabar!!!. it became tough when my hubby was away, i have work to catch-up *yela after like 6mths tinggal??*, pumping session day & night, solid food prep, skool kid to handle, gosok baju, basuh bottle *like 15 bottle everyday?? dan sgt byk lagi!!

Feb 2013
i start to blog again after sooooo many frenz asking
"bile u nk start blog again? miss ur post" - terharu i... thanx u guys!
"share la ur twin pix.....! tak penah tgk" - yes, i tak penah share twin pix anywhere :D insyaAllah i will select some of it and upload here kay
"share la how u handle twin!! " - of course i will dear especially those yg tgh preggy

overall.. my journey will goes on kan. and the best part of it..... i am very very much looking forward to 

travel again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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