Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sugar free for kids? Boleh ke?

I always be a person yg very much concern in healthy eating. Its not that I tak makan junk food, pizza, maggi etc, sekali sekala mmg la makannnnn *teringin kot* but somehow if I do consume those thing, I will be like "my god... tak healthy betul" something like that lah. In my own journey towards ageing gracefully, I started to reduce spicy & oily food since 5 years ago and reduce sugar intake since 2 years ago. I am a person yg akan baca nutrition facts on labels bile buy groceries. scary kannnn?? dont be! coz you will appreciate me in 10-15 years to come *macam bagus! haha*

for example.. my hot milo is only 3 tsp or 1 1/2 tbsp milo + hot water. yes.. no sugar, no susu pekat. and for my hubby, dia ni sgt suka minum teh susu. since we were married, he used to minum teh with susu pekat. sometime 3-4 years ago, he change to susu pekat + fresh milk. and started early this year.... I dah berjaya change his teh tarik with brown sugar + fresh milk. only last month, we change to organic raw sugar + fresh milk. okay.. now teh tarik dia sound so not mamak teh tarik at all!!! LOL. now i am trying to switch slowwwwwly to brown rice pulak. my ecobrown rice dlm fridge dh bertapa berbulan2 kot!!

having kids, i am very very particular in what they are eating. for my eldest 5yo qistina, i always tell her that sweet, chocolate, flavoured drink, ice cream are not good for her brain, her teeth etc. so mmg dia tak mkn at all until last 2 years i feel bad.. kesian plak dia membesar without all that joy. so i teach her slowly eating ice cream. haha. i dont want la to be mak yg strict sgt kannnnnn *ehem* but i always remind her to brush teeth properly if not worms will eat her teeth nnt jadi kaler black!

yesterday.. i have a thot of baking steam banana choc muffin for the twin. but somehow most of the receipe has sugar in it. so this morning when i google for kids receipe, i am very very very very very happy to find this!!!

ehh ada rupenye orang buat website camni ekkkkk.... super impressed!! so mommies... i nak ajak all of you to browse her receipe that is very very very healthy *ok now i sound too impressed already* will try out some of her receipe and share, insyaAllah

eat healthy, age gracefully!

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durra abd razak @ kocikin... said...


we are in the same boat. I dont encourage my kids to consume sweet food. Kekadang je bagi bila ada special occasion atau org bagi (xkan nak kata No kat diorng..huhu). Dari diorng mula solids, all food and drinks are sugar and salt free. At the end of the day, they love fruits (natural sweetness) and vege..Alhamdulillah..x suka laa processed food especially yg dalam jar tu..sgt x ok.. ;)


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