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Breastfeeding by Mommykembar

Salam semua. lama kan tak update~~ nowadays cam suke update status kat fb page Mommykembar. short & sweet gitu. my page ni basically i jual autumnz product at the cheapest price you can get! selain tu, i do share tips and tricks in raising my twin, healthy living etc.

ok now.. i got this Q from mommy Nina

"Ur twin fully breastfeed atau campur susu formula? Kalau breastfeed, bagi serentak atau asing2? 
Sy rasa susu badan saya x cukup utk twin.. ade tips x?"

well... since fb kan tak best nk tulis pepanjang, so i will explain in detail here. ready mommies.....
I bf my twin princesses until they reach 1yo until i decided to mix. i stat bf them day 2 at hospital coz day 1 dorang kene duduk dlm incubator takleh kuar. so stat day 2 until 1yo was fully bf. fyi, i took unpaid leave until they reach 6m. my twin was born in july 2012, so i stat keje balik jan2013. this is my journey in summary.

Month 1-3 (July-Oct 2012)

it was the toughest months ever!! haha.. simply because i was practically adjusting myself to be a wife and a mommy to a twin + a big sister. alhamdulillah.... since my hubby dapat "cuti" panjang, he assisted me day & night for 7wks plus my mom was around oso. since i decided to fully bf them, it was a heart breaking when doc suggested to top-up with formula when twin got jaundice. tak byk pon... in one day top up only 1 syringe per person. not because my susu tak cukup but to boost up their weight faster. kalau ikut doc kene byk skit tp since i mmg nk fully bf i nekadkan je kasi sekali sehari. sbb tu la agaknya twin kene jaundice on-off for about month gitu. hadoi...mmg penatla kan ulang alik g hospital. bile jaundice dorang ok je, trus i stopkan formula. and that was the time i have a sleepless day & night for 5 mths!!

since they were very much small and twin pulak tu, they just dont bother pon on timing nak sama ke tak ke. yg penting, lapar je cry, lapar je cry. and to boost up susu, i decided to bf them every hour. to be honest, it was tiring, realllyyyyyy tiring........! most of the time they double feed and this was double tiring for me. i dont know why but i find double feeding ni drain my energy a LOT~ haha. my day & night mmg i devoted for bf beside handling my 5yo princess. my hubby pulak not working full time in kl so when he is not around, i will stay with my parent. having NO maid, yes my mom byk membantu *i owe you big time ma* 

if i single bf, my feeding time will be non-stop or at least gap 15min. Usually small baby kan bf for 45m gitu. So bile dah twin, the cycle utk bf tu cepatla sket. This mean in between feeing I got 15-30mins rest before another twin start to cry for bf. if i double feed, i can rest for max 1 hr. but... it was not always a shiny day kan. during month 1-3 ni my rest was normally 30mins max! sebab... selain kene bf, i kene makan jugak, mandi, entertain 5yo princess... and my sleep at night was always DUDUK. yes....penat kan~~~ my god it seriously penaaaatttttt!!! Above all, I sgt bersyukur when Allah is always there. I believe Allah do keep on eye on us & hear our doa. Bayangkan with not enough sleep, I always manage to get deep sleep within that short duration. Again .. always doa. For me, I always doa like “Ya Allah, berilah aku deep sleep for at least 15mine before alya/aimy bangun” and yes!! Mmg deep sleeeepppp gile and mmg bgn je trus cry nk bf. This thing going on and on sampai twin reach 4m. 

Month 4-5 (Nov-Dec 2012)

Bile dah masuk 4m normally baby ni dah stat distracted dgn persekitaran dia. So I can letak dorang depan tv kasi dorang leka sket. Tapi sket jela… coz they sleep bf frequently. But at least my sleep duration increase to max 1hr~ bile masuk 4m ni my twin dh slowly stat single feed. Dah pandai beratur amik no ikut turn la bahasa lay-man nye…. Bagus2! I was very much happier than ever~ *yeay*

Month 6 above (Jan 2013 onwards)

When I started to introduce solid, sepatutnye dorang kurang minum kan? NO…….. not for my twin. They keep their range the SAME!! I think sbb my twin ni type yg minum sket tp kerap. so bile dah stat keje balik, i pump 5x a day at the office until 10mth, then reduce to 4x until they reach 1yo, then slowly reduce to 2x, and 1x and now... officially i am breastpump-free!! ok part ni tak tau nak yeay ke nak hurmm... haha

Above all, my bf journey has made me forget what is beauty sleep, what is sleep at night and I even don’t remember sleeping at night at all pon especially when I started to work again. My day & night tu same je…. coz bile dah stat keje, my routine increase esp when my hubby not around like these...

6.30am - kuar pegi keje
7.30am - 4.30pm - at work, pumping 5x
5.30pm - reach home, pump 1x, wash pump & bottle, solat
6.00pm - fetch qistina, fetch twin, drive home
6.30-7.30pm - entertain the kid, basuh botol, food container, gosok2 baju twin yg kotor sbb mkn, bf
7.30pm - break for solat, mandi
8.30pm - dinner for kids & me
9.00pm - bf
10.00pm - stat tidokan kids, bf 
11.30pm-1.00am - bf, pump, tido balik
2.30-3.30am - bf, pump, tido balik
4.30am, bf ,pump, bgn terus
5.00am - get ready to work, prepare kids stuff, solat, mandi
6.30am - ok i start the cycle all over again!! *gosh*

so among reasons why I decided to mix at 1yo and fully stop bf at 1y6m is as above :) nantila i cite part lain on how i started to detached twin. its painful.... i mean it!! *ouch*

Tips untuk susu banyak? Hurmm…. Not sure if these are tips but these are what I did

  1. I bf them every 1 hour
  2. Everyday I baca doa utk ibu menyusu and doa supaya Allah tetapkan rezeki menyusu utk my twin, bykkan susu, tenangkan diri
  3. I bykkan zikir coz bile hati tenang I dpt rasa susu byk
  4. Eat a lot…. A LOT!! I even mkn lagi byk dari my hubby and yet after 2jam dah lapar balik. And I keep on munching things, healthy one~
  5. I drink susu byk.. 2x day, 2x nights
  6. I makan kurma, pure honey, habbatus sauda oil
  7. i minum high protein drink

Altho sometime I mmg rasa susu mcm sikit, esp bile tahap penat gile2 tp I always tell myself that its enough for my twin coz they have good diapers change, good progress altho small as compared to normal baby. Bila kita yakin, insyaAllah Allah akan bantu.

Hope my summary helps.. if not a lot, a tiny bit pon is good enough! panjang dah ni i tulis *ikhlas ikhlas* haha


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