Thursday, February 20, 2014

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka... my personal view

alhamdulillah... i dapat opportunity duduk kat this highly rated Philea Resort & Spa Melaka. since last year i always wanted to go here sbb review yg sgt memberangsangkan. so last week i received meeting invitation here so wallah..! there i was at this luxury-so-called resort. cam gempak je cam best je~~

ok now sorry ya coz i dah makin malas upload my own pix so all pix here come from the resort itself

First Impression

i bertolak after working hours and my dad drive us there since hubby not around. so i reached there dah gelap pon... around 9pm. the signage not so good at night so terlepas2 simpang. arriving at the lobby, i lepaskan kanak-kanak riang ria n started to check in. it was smooth coz nobody there pon! received our welcoming drink and a small hand towel to refresh. turned back to my luggage "eh..nape dia letak kat tangga je" while my dad standing at our luggage. "encik, bag ni letak kat sini je?" "owh.. takpe nnt cik dah dapat kunci kami bawak naik buggy ke bilik". i was like.... "erm... owh mmg letak kat tangga ni je ye?" dgn muka senyum malas coz dah penat kan. the lobby agak airy coz the ceiling is very high. masa check-in the lady cakap "this is your wifi password but its going to be weak at the room" huh?? so continue on to our room....

The Room

our room was at first floor sbb i request king size bed. ok my mom & dad senyum jela sbb tangga dia agak menjunam. dlm hati i was like "they should inform me first and should be more sensitive by looking at my parents and my kids" kannnn.... takpela dah mlm so malas nk back & forth to the lobby. proceed into the room. ok part ni mmg WOWWWWWWWWW...... bilik mmg sgt cantik. cantik kan sgt subjective. having to many 5 star-rated hotels before *ni bukan bangga... tp nk compare* this room carried a different concept. yela.. dah dlm website pon tulis log-cabin like kan... so mmgla mcm log cabin. i ckp kat my mom "ni kire mcm camping cara org kaya la" for me i like the room. my mom tak suka coz she prefers the modern type. my dad.... sgt la suka sbb dia mmg orang hutan! turned on wifii.... bukan weak... mmg tak dpt connect pon!!! hurmmm.......

switching on all lights.. alamak.... dim nye...... my dad dah bising sbb he has a report to do. so my mom being our technician *apart than mom, granny, pomen, chef, teacher, laundrette haa ape lagii* bukakkan the tudung desk lamp tu. barula terang..... well yes. the room is very much dim. sesuai utk org yg berehat la and no reading required. my expectation for this most luxury resort in melaka berkurang sket bile i tgk mini bar dia... laa... ada teh lipton n nescafe je??? i am expecting paling cikai pon twinings tea with few flavours. or maybe a coffee machine. im not being sarcastic but having a high rated review and luxury-rated, my expectation is high... very high!! masuk toilet plak... toiletries quite byk. toothbrush, shampoo, soap etc. for me oklah..... kire biasa la same je mcm hotel lain. but the fact that their soap shampoo are serai-based *i guess*, i just love it!

done exploring the room, my dad dah lapar but me & my mom being a light dinner eater, tak lapar la plak. so i wanted to order for him a sandwich from room service. "eh takde menu plak kat bilik" called them and they said " we will send you the menu shortly" eh apeda~~ so after that i placed order again thru phone dgn room service. so 15mins later they came with the meal. i took the meal and he asked "payment miss" i was like... "i thot its going to be charged to my room?" he then replied that make me WT! "owh.. no miss. you need to pay by cash to me and i'll get your change return with the resit" my godd!!!!!!!!! seriously????? i dah penat tau... then kene check in bilik belah atas.... then dah la mini bar korang ciput je tak memberangsangkan.... then u ask me to pay cash for room service?? common..... i just dont want korang disturb us again with change and resit bagai laa.... haiyoo.... so this is the 3rd thing yg menjunamkan lagi my expectation to this so-called-luxury resort. fine!!!! bayar jelahhh. 

done with the night, next morning i woke quite early. everyone pon in fact! i love the morning environment being so chill with birds singing, sitting at the verandah, kids running around. at 7am i went out for the meeting. 

The Food

hurmm...... after my expectation reduce and menjunam by wifii tak dapat kat bilik, mini bar simplee sgtttt, room service kene byr??, now the food pulak....... my verdict.... i gave only 1/5. nothing very fancy, in fact very much plain normal food. no comment!! our lunch was a 6-course lunch for the meeting. my verdict.... the appetizer and the dessert yg ok. yg lain..... hurm.... my verdict 2/5.

The Facilities

the meeting room was biasa je as compared to other 5 star hotel. again.. i expect more than what they can offered. the kids playroom.... okla not bad. yg lain tu i tak sempat explore sbb after meeting, lunch, zoom balik kl. eh tak tak..... went to visit my brother.


Philea Resort & Spa Melaka scored 3/5 from my own review. being highly rated and claimed as luxury boutique hotel, my expectation is very high as relative comparison to other 5 star hotel in Malaysia. the room concept is excellent. however, they seriously need to improve on food food food and guest pampering items i.e. mini bar, toiletries, bathrobe etc. other than that, please dont scarifice customer's highly paid money because of your high maintenance cost *wink*

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