Tuesday, March 4, 2014

myTWIN story : Part 2 Twin Pregnancy

salam mommies. wah... dah lama hang this story ni. since ada mommy post me Q at my AskMommykembar slot in my fb page Mommykembar, lemme continue on. so continue from Part 1 : The Moment of Truth

Part 2 : Twin Pregnancy

while my twin pregnancy does not have much differences dgn single pregnancy dulu, i bersyukur sgt diberi kemudahan sepanjang i mengandungkan twin. for me, bezanya with twin pregnancy....

  • i get bloated easily like every 10mins in my 1st tri
  • starting 4 months old of my pregnancy i felt sooooo heavy esp kat pinggang masa i duduk or byk jalan
  • i get tired easily 
  • masa masuk 3rd tri, my stomach felt sooo much heavy like dah nak dekat bersalin
  • since 4mths above, at night i makin susah tido 
  • compared to single pregnancy, i was more emotionally stable. maybe sbb i mentally ready kot...
  • owh the best part.... started 5mths i dah tak drive. and thanx a LOT to my bro mito for being my driver *hugs*
  • i rasa dlm 33wks camtu doc dh suruh i kurangkan berjalan coz twin dah makin ke bawah. takut early labour. tapi being me, hurmm.... susah la nak suruh Hana Basri stop berjalan!! okayla... i kurangkan berjalan laju *wink* 
  • bile dah nak masuk week 34 tu mmg rasa sgt berat and makin penat. i use to berjalan kat suria klcc from one wing to the other end but this time around.. i can only jalan 5min then duduk. ok this 5min only take me like from one end to the centre court je!!
  • at night cabaran sgt tinggi esp masa my hubby not around. since i have the big sister Qistina, so sometime dia poopoo at night, merengek2, tantrum sometimes, buat susu etc kene dientertain. alhamdulillah... i felt Allah made it so much easy for me

Overall, i always believe that positive mindset will strengthen our mental and physical. cumenye.... nak stay positive tu yg payah!! haha. keep zikir close to you, insyaAllah you will be strong mommies! 

for monthly check-up.. bile twin ni doc agak susag nk ukur everytime buat scan. so we opt for detail scan also since its the best scan to identify any abnormalities. so masa i buat detail scan *yes for twin the fees x2 tau!!* doc mentioned that in one of the twin head ada extra fluid. but she informed me not to worry.. eh eh.... mana boleh tak worry kan~~ kite kan mommy!! since then i mmg sgt risau la tp what to do... nak nanges pon sape je boleh tolong kan. instead i keep on berdoa for Allah to make everything good & fine. alhamdulillah... my gyne spotted a good progress towards labour. 

ok mommies, kite continue dgn Part 3 later later ya~

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