Wednesday, April 6, 2011

STOP...too much SUGAR for kids!!

when i saw the advert about how much sugar is added into our kids formula milk everyday, i was shocked!! i wanted to change milk but i wasnt too sure. takut qist reluctant to drink sbb letak nestum dlm susu pon berat je nk minum..... today, i came across this website that makes me re-think about not to change little qist' milk *haiyoooo* cube u ols sume browse

key in how much carbs and serving per day.. then the calculator akan calculate kan. for those yg tak paham cane nk calculate macam i memula tadi... mari follow step by step ini

refer nutritional info dekat tin/kotak susu
for enfagrow A+, u ols bleh refer kat sini for different flavour

refer kat carbohydrates, then key-in amount carbs per serve (24g) and serve size (40g)

pastu click calculate now

see..... for Enfagrow A+ (Original)..... *GULP*

try today and save our kids!!


sery said...

kita br jer check web tu mlm td..tu lah kan, biler tgk reslut..'gulp' jap..:)

hana.basri said...

suspen sbenanye k sery~~

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