Monday, March 10, 2014

MH370.... reminds me to "THAT" emergency

Salam everyone~ as of today it has been more than 48 hours since the "missing" of MH370. while many people are buzzyyy speculating it thru social media, more and more other hearts are still worrying!! those heart are still praying for the good news, those heart are still hoping for a positive outcome and most important.... those heart does not requires your false-alarm info *mode : GERAM!* i myself had gone thru similar but not as worse to this incident *ops.. but not for the company i should say* i still remember.. in fact i always remember THAT emergency situation. alhamdulillah.... everything was fine. well.. "fine" is subjective you know, depending how you define it~ 

no no... its not related to aircraft but rather an open sea. i still remember being the next of kin to the person whom directly involved in THAT emergency, waiting for a call from him, trying very very hard to maintain emotionally calm, searching ups & downs for people that could help me... just to get hold to his voice. and yes.. 48 hours is not short just to be in the dark and listened to people keep telling you "he is fine.. dont worry" as a matter of fact, its not relieving at all. if i may recall THAT emergency in 2010...

Day 1
THAT emergency happened at midnight, far far off the shore, in the dark open sea. while they *including him* was busy trying very very hard to save the "place" ad escaped safely, i was rather at home sleeping, not knowing what had happened. i remembered i tried to call him as a normal routine before sleep but to no avail. no one pick up the phone. "maybe he was having a late night work" 

Day 2
i had a meeting with some of management bosses where one of them quoted about the important of HSE by quoting what had happened to THAT place. i was not quite get it coz i thot its a normal small incidences just like others. you know... when bosses were talking normally they will be hinting rather than talking about sensitive issues. later that afternoon i tried to call him again since i felt something "was not right". but again.. no answer. "okay maybe he's busy with the shutdown" i guess... later that night by not watching the news in the TV i get fb msg from his bestfren asking me "madi ok ke hana?" i was like... "nape ko tya camtu?" and that was the triggering alarm for me. i was telling myself "hye.. this is not normal!" and that night i wasn't sleeping.... i remembered asking thru fb and sms-ing many frens since it was already very late *1am* to call and buzzing people. i am very very thankful coz many of my frens was helping with good contact no and info. some from kl, sabah, sarawak and even dubai! but yeah.. i pretended everything was ok coz i was at my parent's house.

Day 3
i went to work that very morning and while driving i contacted few of the bosses whom i knew had a contact to enable me to reach my husband. but  i was not able to get any contact since they were in "quarantine" mode from outsider and media. hye... i am not outsider okay! when i reached my office, i get a phone call and it was HIM!! feeling excited, shocked and amazed.. the call ended up like 30sec!! when he hang up i was like dreaming "what did he said just now??" gosh..... and to wait for his another phone call was just another LONNNNNGGGGG hours! 

he was only back at home after almost a week after THAT incident. yes... now you know how i feel about people making speculation about MH370~ its not easy to those next of kin of the passengers. while they may be glad and grateful when they received phone call from MAS asking them to come down to KLIA for a briefing session and up-to-date info plus counselling and traumatic session *what not*, i was on the other hand being left in the dark, no emergency response team (ERT) called me to informed me that "hye.. THAT place just got burnt down but your husband is safe", i myself searching for the answer and i myself called that ERT asking about him summore *how come meh... ppfttttt!!* starting from that day til he reached home safely was not easy especially when i have to go to work pretending everything was fine, pretending to look calm, pretending to be strong in front of my parents and pretending that nothing had happened in front of my daughter... Ya Allah.. i only have all those strength just being near you

above all, its Allah fate for those incidences to happened. its easy to said that "ada hikmah di sebalik semua yg berlaku" but its not that easy to search for it. let pray for #prayMH370

"Ya Allah, sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Mengetahui segala yg berlaku di bumi dan di langit. Engkau yg Maha Mengasihani seluruh makhlukmu. Engkau permudahkanlah segala usaha kami dalam misi mencari dan menyelamat mereka. Sekiranya ini takdirmu, Engkau permudahkanlah kepada mereka dan juga kepada kami"

amin ya rabbal 'alamin...


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