Thursday, February 10, 2011

just got back but whats in my mind?

my H&B class yesterday was very very very interesting. in fact, bersemangat to understand how to run a business actually.. seriously! for me, everyday is a learning curve. it doesnt matter from whom, from where, from what. its all depend on what angle do you see it, analyse it, learn from it.

people say they are tired
but for me.. tired means give up
people say they have no time
but for me... time can be managed
people say they are afraid 
but for me... afraid means failure
people say they are not ready
but for me.. readiness is up to you

how far you hear people say
how hard you hear people say
how true you hear people say
at the end
its all down to you
coz you will decide 
who are you next?

RICH dad or POOR dad

i am surely feel that you are just like me *wink* so go to your nearest book store and buy this one book NOW!!

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