Thursday, February 10, 2011

theLEGEND shortgetaway

alhamdulillah.. our 2 trips was achieved last short holiday. this is our first part of the getaway. lets review

the Legend Water Chalet

we stayed in the premium tower seaview . the first thing pop dalam kepala i masa masa we ols arrived, bukak pintu and masuk was "aik, nape masuk toilet??" muauahahahahha. seriously u will masuk toilet first before you enter your room. no kidding. no kidding. i forget to snap the room & bathroom pix. layan jela gamba hotel ya~ the bathroom consist of big bath tub, shower room, toilet room and make up area. the room pulak mmg sooooo spacious~~ they have a king bed, queen day bed, couch, small pantry and exit to small balcony that have 2 kerusi malas outside. so if u ols pegi 2 small family mmg can accommodate satu room. saveeeeee!!!!

day one sampai qist terjun bathtub sbbnye hujan gerimis kat luar. qist punya berendam dgn scope main pasir dia sampai tangan, kaki kecuuut~~ semangat waja. we ols just chill and relax je. 

 turun lobby jap pagi tu to check out rabbit. comeiiii je ada rabbit kat tgh2 lobby. the idea is great since boleh accommodate small kids yg tak reti duduk diam ni. petang turun jalan2 where the wind is breezing. very very chilling~!!! owh ya.. not to forget ada tempat perlindungan and pelihara penyu. but its very much baby penyu lah. so kecik and ramai. later at night baru kuar g giant. LOL. yelaa... kata dah dekat je dgn hotel tu~

day two after bfast terjun pool. sbb melepaskan geram semlm tak kesampaian. the pool size is just nice. they have also jacuzzi area, playground, activities room, karaoke room. the place is for me, very relaxing~~ 

overall, i do like the place. for me, the Legend Water Chalet is basic, relaxing and worth ur money for those who aim to chill out and hang out in the hotel compound for short getaway. we ols tak sempat visit Legend International Water Homes sbelah tu je... maybe next time

esoknye we ols bertolak balik and shoot to alor setar, and later penang. stay buzzing!!


mama_umar_maryam said...

tgk gamba pon dh rase bestnyer..

hana.basri said...

enjoyable jugak~~ :D hows the toilet training??

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