Thursday, February 17, 2011

Health&Biz101 : WHY I do this?

salam & hi everyone! *formalnyeee* ingat tak i planned to have satu slot to discuss and share about Health & Business (H&B) class every wednesday. owh... for those yg baru membaca, mesti blank blank ni~ takpe takpe... mari recap

started jan2011 i attend a Health & Business (H&B) class every wednesday nite. of course lah class start around 9pm and last until 12am the most *wink* no no no.. its not a master or phd class. its something that i love doing it. sbbnye.... i ni health cautious and to do a business, ill go for a HealthBiz. coz i know people nowadays are more and more alert about health. and to choose a product, i mmg sgt detail and would not eat any other supplement or medication without knowing what, why, how it works!! haaa... cerewet kan?? takpe... for own health... berbaloi baloi~~ enuff said

i ada share earlier few articles that trigger and change my mindset. i started to read books *ye i dont read books before*, learn about financial, learn the current economics effect and impact, learn about just anything yg boleh membantu diri saya utk lebih financial savvy! sbb i percaya to do a business, you must first have financial IQ. so started to share few articles....

i planned to have a this HealthBiz slot every wednesday in this blog, tapi rasanye... better to have it every kamis so that its still fresh in my mind and best time to share. insyaAllah.. i hope my knowledge, my info will benefit u ols in short and long term run.. be it for health or business


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