Wednesday, February 9, 2011

cant wait to attend my class tonite

title skeeet punye panjang!! LOL. itu menunjukkan saya amat teruja nk attend class malam ni. mmg every wednesday nite i have my health & business (H&B) class. owh,..... ini bukan master mahupon phd class ye~~ its all for a better future, one day.. insyaAllah. hurmmm.... why not kan every wednesday i buat a special slot for H&B kan? ok tak? tapi takleh call SpecialSlot sbb itu slot hari jumaat je *wink* maybe start next week lah kot ill share about my H&B and we'll see how it goes kay? you may asked me anything related to 

Health & Business

i akan cube sedaya upaya untuk menjawab. owh please.... dont call me Dr Hana *ahaks! batok kejap*


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