Thursday, June 23, 2011

help me with my Samsung dilemma~~!

Lately ni I dah jadi Android freak!! Haha…. Iye iye I tau sume org gile i-Phone kan~~~ tapi my preferences would be Samsung Android *wink*. Ingat tak I penah won Asus? Actually kan masa tu my intention was to win Samsung Galaxy Tab tp disebabkan sponsor tukar hadiah last min, I terimalah Asus dgn hati yg sgt terbuka luas jugey!!! Harussslah hati ku masih bersama Samsung kan~~~ bile Samsung launch Mini Galaxy S5570 for only RM599… OMG!!! Tak boleh tido malam kot~~~~ lepas tu come out pulak Galaxy S (GT-i9000)… aduhai~~ luluh hati gue…. After few comparison, I think I boleh consider Samsung as our another new gadget this year.

 Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570

The Galaxy mini embodies great productivity and performance in a compact design that is full of personality. Emboldened with a flashy colour stripe along the side, this mobile keeps you connected to all that matters in your life. Enjoy the convenience and familiarity of Google services built-in to the mobile. Find your way with GPS navigation and location based services. Foster friendships via mobile social networking. The Galaxy mini is the perfect foray into the amazing world of Samsung smartphones. Find out what everyone’s raving about. 

Samsung Galaxy S (GT-i9000)

Rich media content on great 4.0" SUPER AMOLED screen at your command, street smart features like Layar Reality browser powered by Tele Atlas® and Google™ Turn-by-Turn Navigation, and Samsung Social Hub that puts you at the center of attention. Welcome to a smart life brought to you by Samsung GALAXY S.

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