Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VACAY2011 : South Island, New Zealand Day 2

our Day 2 started as late as... 10am!!! bukan maen plan nak bangon awal..... LOL~~ bagusnye coz we cover back our keletihan "berperang" in Day 1 kan *ayat cover baik punyeee* when we woke, kiri kana sume orang dah kosong. sume caravan, campervan dah move out. hohoho... ok takpe2~~ after get ready everything, bersedia keluar from our merc and to our surprise.....

we indeed camping tepi Lake Tekapo!!! alhamdulilah... it was a very very very pleasant surprise *wink* well.... actually i over reacted jeee.. ku yg first to perasan coz dia yg bangon paling awal n keluar merc paling awal kan~~ haruslah i yg gediks lebih *ouch!* Lake Tekapo is our first lake experience and yes! the nature surrounding, the view, the breezing sound, the angin sepoi bahasa.... so relaxing and refreshing!!! *i miss it already* what else can i say.... perfect from heaven! for my lil girl, tak sudah2 nak dukung sebab "byk batu ni....big saje...." haiyooo... very the princess!

from Lake Tekapo after had our self made breakfast.. owh one thing. whenever we go out travel abroad, i always cook myself. for this trip, we dont have to bring my travel cooker coz inside our merc mmg dah siap ada stove bagai. senang senang dan sgt senang! we move on our journey to Mount Cook. it was autumn when we arrived so kiri kanan pokok kaler autumn lah~~ mmg sgt chantek!!

before reach Mount Cook, we passed by this again... beautiful Lake Pukaki. in NZ, sememangnye lake, mountain, animal, nature... are things they talked about here. Lake Pukaki is viewing Mount Cook very much far at the back. we could see Mount Cook only if the sky is clear. in our case, altho byk awan, we managed to see the tip of Mount Cook *wink*

on the way to Mount Cook, basically very much near already, we passed by this glacier passage. usually after winter, this passage will be full of water and glacier. the scenic view towards Mount Cook is is is is heavenly gorgeous!!! what else can i say right~~~

our final stop here was the Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park Village. there was basically holiday apartments and tourist info center. we didnt go until the kaki gunung. so this is Mount Cook zoomed from far and you can see how far we are from it!!! hehe. alhamdulillah.. we can still view the tip before the cloud started to get lower and lower.....

from Mount Cook we move south and stop by at Albert Town camping ground. its very near to Wanaka. here in NZ, they dont travel at night. thats why we dont bump into many cars. and yes! it is seriously very very dark~~~ thats why GPS is highly recommended coz their road has a LOT of turnings. extra careful when driving at night. for us, its moderately challenging since Malaysia's old road is similar to this. only than... their road condition in very much better! *wink*

wait for our camping site view in VACAY2011 : South Island, New Zealand Day 3

stay tune!!


Wan Anie said...

wow! interesting, tetiba rasa cam nak terbang ke NZ juga :)

hana.basri said...

sangat chantek wan anie~ one day insyaAllah sampai hajat you *wink*


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