Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new calendar year...2011

dah few days tak update blog... rasa semacam jeee.... huhu. just got back from short getaway *will reveal nnt ya.. dekat je pon!* end of 2010 means macam-macam family event... getaway, birthday, doa selamat, kenduri etc tu yg "sangkot" lameeee nk update-tak-terupdate!

new calendar year.. 2011. selalunye org mesti ada azam barulah, plan for the year lah.. macam-macam lagi~! for me calendar year is just another number *boleey tak cakap camtu??* LOL. it is K.I.T.E to make it different kan~ so whats the plan for this year ye....?

let see how things goes..

may our plan run smoothly
may we granted with more rezeki
may we received berkat in everything we do
may we live happily & healthily 

this year and years to come!!!!


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