Thursday, January 6, 2011

personal shopper....HARRODS anyone?

tweeet tweeeet!!! Coach sudah, Ferragamo sudah, now.... i know many of you dah tau about

there is only ONE SALE
3Jan - 1 Feb 2011

u ols nak i jadi ur personal shopper? since Harrods only available in KLCC and KLIA *wink* i am more than happy to serve as your best personal shopper ever!! some of the items highlights yg i sempat usha just now...

Harrods Shopper & Shoulder  Bags
price range RM96 - RM150 before 40% less

Botanical Shopper (Small)

Contrast Shopper (Small)

Balnagown Bucket Bag (Small)

Classic Harrods Shopper (Small)

Florence Bear In The Garden Gusset Bag (Medium)

Henry Bear Shopper (Medium/large)

and many more

Harrods Small Accessories
price range RM48 - RM90 before 10%-40% less

Cosmetics Bag

Pencil Case

Peacock Feather Travel Pouch

Harrods Purse Keyring

Harrods Fashion Bags
mostly 10%-20% off

and many many many more!!coin pursebaby's clothingmugscard slotetc etc etc

u ols boleh tgk in or google ... in case u like one and want me to survey for u, buzz buzz email me at

ur personal shopper on the run!


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