Monday, January 24, 2011

teringin.... TibaTiba BBQ!

sebut je BBQ, ku n I mmg suka bbq-ing besides steamboat lah~ mmg ramai suke mkn bbq kan? kan? tapi tukang bakaq mmg tak ramai la~~ *sape suke ketiak berpeluh!* LOL. korang biasa tak bile once in a while our family or hubby or frens pop out this question..

"jom kite buat bbq malam ni nak?"

haaa.... biasakan.... sebab slalu je org kasi idea maut~! if someone throw out this idea, 1st thing yg kite akan pikir is... "sape nk marinate beb??" harruusssslah tak sempat kan~~ sbbnye when the idea keluar, we maybe at the office, may also be tgh shopping tak hengat, or maybe jugak tgh main golf! so 

sape nk buat marinate sume tu~~~??!!

haa..... introducing...

Tiba Tiba BBQ

"Tiba – Tiba BBQ provides high quality and tasty marinade service from buying groceries to marinating the product itself to suite your BBQ needs. Just let us know how many pax you require and we will do the rest."

pix by RuzlanOsman

i personally kenal the owner and their air tangan mmg superb!! seriously he n his lovely wife knows what it takes when it comes "meat-on-the-grill" bunyik dah mcm AFC la pulak! aduhai... terus buzz buzz bunyik perut ni~~ harganya.. *click to enlarge*

seriously u ols mmg akan teramat berpuas hati dgn hasilnye nnt~~ *wink* the best part is that.... for all peeps, RuzlanFarina will give you 5% off from your bill~~ yeay!!! sounds great kan??

RM30/pax up to 50 pax!!!

ape lagey... buzz buzz lah Ruzlan today at
Ruzlan Osman @ facebook

and jgn lupe ajak i dtg ur BBQ kay? XOXO


heska said...

boleh try utk anchahnuar gath!!

*tetibe lapa!*

hana.basri said...

LOL~ haruuusslah lapar... lunch hour maa!

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