Thursday, January 6, 2011

time to QUIT and MOVE ON

selalu kan kite denga....

 "if you dont like your job....
quit, change and move on"

tapi how true it is? kalau nk dikira, how many of those not liking their job quit and move on? tak ramai kan..... even worst ramai yg stay coz no other option is available. how true it is pulak statement yang ni? life is so broad that it is created with many paths and ways. and of course, many of thousands challenges along the way. like it or not, we choose our path and we deal with it. tapi bile hati dah tak suka, why stay? why not quit and move on? jawapan standard mesti sebab...

anak sekolah
loan kete
loan rumah
etc etc etc

betul ke?? or jawapan kite sbenanye... "tak berani la nk quit...." izzit?? kalau betul2 nak quit, mesti la ada plan kan.....~ and your plan cannot lah plan B je... kene ada a, b, c sampai z++. cakap memang senang tapi bape ramai je yg sanggup sacrifice everything that they have now? owh.. pembetulan... every single TIME you have now. sbb ape time? sbb 

time = wealth

you loose time, it never comes back!! so how to catch time??????


Anonymous said...

salam tt,

lau xde komitmen n duit berkepuk2 dlm bank..nk je resign skrgni...hehehe

hana.basri said...

huhu *like* tapi masih kalau....

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