Thursday, November 25, 2010

COACH on SALE.. up to 50% off

NOTE : this ads is for coach crazee fans!

i have a very very very good news for those COACH crazee fans out there~~ ok i have nothing to sell actually... its the good news i bring to u ols! coach tgh buat 

fall-winter collection
18Nov - 1Dec 2010

this means items sold at 30% and 50% of the retail price. tadi i pegi tgk and yes! mmg berbaloi2... some wrislet cost around RM150+, wallet cost RM400+, handbag ada yg RM1000+ je etc. they have handbags, wristlet, card holder, small purse, wallet.. tp i tak perasan lah if ada sling bag on sale or not

so ladies~~ sesiapa yg perlukan personal shopper, buzz buzz email me coz i wont charge you high!! thats my promise coz i mmg sgt suka jadi personal shopper~~~ *winkwink* u can ask my sis, my cousin, my fren and of course my hubby lah! sbb ape? sbb i am a shopper and to have the feeling dapat beli barang murah from expected is beyond the huge smile. so i like to see that HUGE SMILE on you~~~ *wink*


mama_umar_maryam said...

adoii..pensan jap..heh3

hana.basri said...

sila jgn ke KLCC, pavi dan seangkatan dgnnya~~~ DANGEROUS!!

Anonymous said...

best2...bnyk tol sale sana sini...isnin lepas pi luxury sale by valiram group kt nikko hotel...x banyak choice

hana.basri said...

valiram sale? wah.... it must be very good lah~!! buzz buzz sini lah if ada lagi kay~

Anonymous said...

insyaallah hana...tunggu thn dpn lak ek...i buzz u nnti

hana.basri said...


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