Tuesday, March 15, 2011

who wants that DERMALOGICA?

Updated (15/3/2011) : SOLD to nita!! tq 

remember that i had promised to put this 

Dermalogica Limited Edition Bag Organiser

on a bidding price? opss. sori lah coz i hampir terlupe when the owner pidin buzz buzz to remind me. ok yes~ i dah dapat the bag from pidin last week. owh.. sebelum tu.. why pidin nak jual this bag?? coz he *yes he* feels this bag utk ladies! *wink* so here's the deal...

tq nita

3 simple steps
love it?
bid your best price @ Comment Box below OR email me hana.basri@yahoo.com
get a koala bear for FOC!!

simple? cepat cepat cepat~~~



mama_umar_maryam said...

dear..xde bid utk product die ke ;p

hana.basri said...

how about the best price gets RM20 Averine voucher? the make up range under dermalogica jugey *wink*


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