Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jakarta getaway~~!!! Day 0

haha.... boley tak day zero!! ingat tak the day dreaming and great weekend in Jakarta? lets start with 

JAKARTA getaway
Day 0

well.. day 0 means the day ku went to Jakarta and left us behind.. berlarian mengejar utk melambai ku kat airport. it was like catch-papa-as-far-as-possible for qist!! thanx to athok & nenek qist that took us to airport. sedih mestila oooo.... walaupun dah slalu sgt kene tgl for outstation *yes ku is leaving to Singapore today.. hurm...*

lagi menyakitkan hati bile mendengar all the foodies that sound soo nice...... this is nasi ambeng. and also ku's trip tp Bandung!!! *aduuhhhh*

paling tak tahan...... teh botol~~~~~~~ sape tahan sila angkat tangan!! LOL

dgn itu qist & i terussss langsung membeli tiket and flew to Jakarta as well~~~~ takde ape pon day zero ni... saje menggediks update. hehe *wink* tgu ye Day 1 to 3 later~~

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