Friday, March 25, 2011

i want that 2 FREE MAS holidays......!!!!!!!

OMG~~~ this morning i sgt sgt teruja when i saw MAS updates in their FB. sape tanak weiii.......!!!! terus je i click to MAS traveller web and read this

sape tanak kan~~~!! the best part is that

Malaysia Airlines wants to give you a once in a life time experience of travelling to TWO holiday destinations. On top of that, you'll get to 
own a page on Yahoo! Travel documenting your travels.

haiyyooooo.... seriously heaven kot!! the contest is easy... just write ur best write-up on your travel experience last year. tapi yg susah nyeeeeee to do that write up!! yelaa... harusssslah hebat kan to compete against pro travel writer~~ u r talking about ur own page in Yahoo! Travel ttuuuuu

isk isk takleh jadi ni..... closing date 1 April. erk......! 

*terus search on best travel write up*


Em's Family said...

mari kite berusaha, i pun tengah menyiapkan jugak

hana.basri said...

wah~~~ tough competitor nih!! :D

La Petite Cherie said...

Omg, I just knew about this now!! Hope it's not too late to participate!!

hana.basri said...

still got TIME!!!!! hurryy~~~

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