Thursday, March 17, 2011

brownies KARTIKASARI.. tiada sijil HALAL??

hi everyone~~ u must be wondering is it true the title above? well... everyone keep on talking about how good is KARTIKASARI's brownies and pisang bolen. since my hubby in Jakarta, i was thinking of placing order with kartikasari in Bandung to courier the brownies to Jakarta *tempting bangat dong~* 

pix from google. not kartikasari's brownie

but somehow my mind trigger me about halal certificate since they also have rum brownies . so.... i search about it in Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) website to find out. i came across their list of halal product and started to search for Kartikasari. sadly.... they dont have halal certificate for all of their product especially brownies!!  even kek lapis pon tak semua  certified halal..

since i still wanting to have that brownies *HEHE*, i opt for confirmation from MUI. manalah tau that list is not updated yet.... so i sent them an email. and yes again, the above list is CORRECT!!

maka... tidak jadilah pesanan saya itu..... in case u ols teringin bangat brownies from Bandung, another brand name AMANDA has their halal certificate for all products!! u can check out the MUI halal listing here *me not amanda agent here ya!!*

so peeps~~ watch what u eat ya coz ia akan menjadi darah daging kita *wink*

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mama_umar_maryam said...

dear, zt g bdg aritu pon supir tunjuk amanda =), tp mase tu xtau yg kartika sari punye brownies xdecert halal lagi

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