Thursday, March 31, 2011

how about...... SINGAPORE~!!!!

Singapore owh Singapore~~~ *wink* with blink blink in my eyes...... dah terbayang-bayang.....

Universal Studio Singapore
of course!!


Garrett popcorn!!!! 
OMG~~~~ sape mahu pesan? i charge upah bawak jeeee :P

 Night Safari
definitely for qist after Taman Safari Jakarta!

Shopping shopping shopping
tapi takde sale sgt~ *belasah*


anyone aiming for something in Singapore? drop me a line/mail/buzz FAST!!


all pix from google. credit to owner. TQ!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jakarta getaway~~!!! Day 0

haha.... boley tak day zero!! ingat tak the day dreaming and great weekend in Jakarta? lets start with 

JAKARTA getaway
Day 0

well.. day 0 means the day ku went to Jakarta and left us behind.. berlarian mengejar utk melambai ku kat airport. it was like catch-papa-as-far-as-possible for qist!! thanx to athok & nenek qist that took us to airport. sedih mestila oooo.... walaupun dah slalu sgt kene tgl for outstation *yes ku is leaving to Singapore today.. hurm...*

lagi menyakitkan hati bile mendengar all the foodies that sound soo nice...... this is nasi ambeng. and also ku's trip tp Bandung!!! *aduuhhhh*

paling tak tahan...... teh botol~~~~~~~ sape tahan sila angkat tangan!! LOL

dgn itu qist & i terussss langsung membeli tiket and flew to Jakarta as well~~~~ takde ape pon day zero ni... saje menggediks update. hehe *wink* tgu ye Day 1 to 3 later~~

Friday, March 25, 2011

latest reactors status in Japan

everyone knows that skang ni radiation level in Tokyo is very much worrying. for me, having my bro in japan makes us whole family worried. insyaAllah, this sunday we will be having him for good. insyaAllah dipermudahkan semuanya...

what is the current status of all 6 reactors in

Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant 

lets read from CNN.....  what i could say.. although we are millions miles away, lets pray hard to Allah utk sentiasa dilindungi dari segala musibah *nauzubillah*

mudah-mudahan.. amin

i want that 2 FREE MAS holidays......!!!!!!!

OMG~~~ this morning i sgt sgt teruja when i saw MAS updates in their FB. sape tanak weiii.......!!!! terus je i click to MAS traveller web and read this

sape tanak kan~~~!! the best part is that

Malaysia Airlines wants to give you a once in a life time experience of travelling to TWO holiday destinations. On top of that, you'll get to 
own a page on Yahoo! Travel documenting your travels.

haiyyooooo.... seriously heaven kot!! the contest is easy... just write ur best write-up on your travel experience last year. tapi yg susah nyeeeeee to do that write up!! yelaa... harusssslah hebat kan to compete against pro travel writer~~ u r talking about ur own page in Yahoo! Travel ttuuuuu

isk isk takleh jadi ni..... closing date 1 April. erk......! 

*terus search on best travel write up*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Health&Biz101 : the NEW ERA of network marketing

i have skipped 2 week for this update *wink* no worries... still on track!! lets recall the poor 95% group.. remember this? yes... so macam mane network marketing business boleh jadi sooo different from the first time kite semua tahu mengenainya? adakah ia sudah berubah? well well.... sekiranya anda masih tidak tahu betapa besarnye potensi di dalam network marketing, mari sini.. sila dekat... saya cube explain the different side of network marketing that you never knew!

tahukah anda semua bahawa kebanyakkan daripada billionaire & millionaire investor worldwide telah pun invested, membeli dan juga membangunkan network marketing company mereka sendiri? anda tidak tahu bukan... mengapa? kerana kita masih lagi di dalam belenggu MLM = scam. betul? semestinye TIDAK!! tidak sama sekali... dahulu semasa franchise concept start, mereka juga di panggil scam. sekarang cube tgk... ape sudah jadi terhadap franchise network? sangat hebat!!! dah network marketing pula adalah the next level of booming business. mengapa saya berkata begitu?

WHY network marketing business?

worth of mouth advertising
home base business
low risk high return
no experience required

tahukah anda bahawa di US network marketing business bernilai lebih USD$30 Billion dan jumlah nye di seluruh dunia bernilai lebih USD$100 Billion!!!

tahukah anda bahawa nilai-nilai di atas tergolong bersama-sama billionaire business seperti ICT?

tahukah juga anda bahawa network marketing business akan boom dalam masa terdekat? bila? jawapannye... 2018

masih keliru lagi dgn network marketing? ataupun masih ragu-ragu? wake up!!!! the whole world sudah berubah sekarang.. adakah anda mahu miss the boat? pikir-pikir kan lah.... mar lihat video ini. it reveal the power behind network marketing business

ragu-ragu lagi? atau excited dah ni...... let see ape top financial expert, billionaire, millionaire, best selling author komen tentang network marketing..

"The best investment I ever made" 
Warren Buffett, billionaire investor & owner of 3 direct selling companies

"The first truly revolutionary shift in marketing"
Tom Peters, legendary management expert & best selling author

"We're in the midst of a boom in home-based businesses and it shows no sign of slowing"
Paul Zane Pilzer, world renowned  economist

"The beauty of direct selling is that its all done for you. All you need to do is find a reputable company  that "
David Bach, financial expert & best selling author

"This business offers the most systematic way for ordinary individuals to achieve economic success"
Jim Collins, best selling author "Good to Great"

"Its an entrepreneurial opportunity where people can use their talent and their passion towards a greater good"
Stephen R Covey, best selling author "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

next I will share about
how to choose 
the best network marketing company?


McD big breakfast FREE!!!! sape mau?

amboi amboi amboi..... sebut free je terus laju tangan click kan?? lenkali sume post i kene tulis FREE *lol* nak ke McD free nih? betul nak? tapi ape yg free nye?

with minimum RM5 purchase, you get

McD big breakfast for FREE!!!!

yes betul3... tapi bukan satu.. DUA free BB!!! *ehem.. bukan that blackberry ye*

ape lagi?? sila lah click skang for

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

jakarta was GREAT!!

remember my day dreaming about Jakarta?

it was indeed.... GREAT WEEKEND!!

till update later *pix otw*

pix from google. credit to owner

Thursday, March 17, 2011

brownies KARTIKASARI.. tiada sijil HALAL??

hi everyone~~ u must be wondering is it true the title above? well... everyone keep on talking about how good is KARTIKASARI's brownies and pisang bolen. since my hubby in Jakarta, i was thinking of placing order with kartikasari in Bandung to courier the brownies to Jakarta *tempting bangat dong~* 

pix from google. not kartikasari's brownie

but somehow my mind trigger me about halal certificate since they also have rum brownies . so.... i search about it in Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) website to find out. i came across their list of halal product and started to search for Kartikasari. sadly.... they dont have halal certificate for all of their product especially brownies!!  even kek lapis pon tak semua  certified halal..

since i still wanting to have that brownies *HEHE*, i opt for confirmation from MUI. manalah tau that list is not updated yet.... so i sent them an email. and yes again, the above list is CORRECT!!

maka... tidak jadilah pesanan saya itu..... in case u ols teringin bangat brownies from Bandung, another brand name AMANDA has their halal certificate for all products!! u can check out the MUI halal listing here *me not amanda agent here ya!!*

so peeps~~ watch what u eat ya coz ia akan menjadi darah daging kita *wink*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

how strong are you if its still CLOUDY?

how strong can you be
when the stars seems far
when the rainbow seems blurry

how strong you have to be 
when the end is cloudy
when the present is shaky

how strong you should be
when the target is unclear
when the time keep passing

how strong you will be
when the future is uncertain
when YOUR future is CLOUDY

are you made to be BOLD or just go with the FLOW?

written by : hana.basri

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

who wants that DERMALOGICA?

Updated (15/3/2011) : SOLD to nita!! tq 

remember that i had promised to put this 

Dermalogica Limited Edition Bag Organiser

on a bidding price? opss. sori lah coz i hampir terlupe when the owner pidin buzz buzz to remind me. ok yes~ i dah dapat the bag from pidin last week. owh.. sebelum tu.. why pidin nak jual this bag?? coz he *yes he* feels this bag utk ladies! *wink* so here's the deal...

tq nita

3 simple steps
love it?
bid your best price @ Comment Box below OR email me
get a koala bear for FOC!!

simple? cepat cepat cepat~~~


Sunday, March 13, 2011

engineering - sales - entrepreneur - MILLIONAIRE!! seriously??

semlm while surfing on jakarta *yes im going! insyaAllah..*, i came across this one blog. i was so impressed not for her jakarta trip post, but on her "About"

Merry Riana is a Millionaire Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker.In just a short period of 4 years after her graduation, Merry has earned more than S$1,000,000 through her business. This achievement is featured as an article titled ‘She’s made her first million at just age 26’, in The Straits Times on 26th January 2007. In October 2010, Merry was conferred the Great Women of Our Time Award. As an icon in the regional, financial, and educational communities Merry has broken down barriers to become one of the most admired and watched individuals in the media today.

yes... i rasa i penah came across her. nope.. not that across like berjumpe *hehe* i penah came across about her while reading about millionaire entrepreneur. surprisingly..... she graduated in a totally different field, jump into a different field and end up millionaire in her 26th!!! OMG... thats spooky tough girl~~

engineering - sales - entrepreneur - MILLIONAIRE

serious girl~!!! i adore your determination and confident that u have made. and i totally agree with you

"if i can do it so can you!"

read her story on how she made $40,000 to $1,000,000 HERE

Friday, March 11, 2011

SpecialSlot : keajaiban gelombang Azan

this morning while driving to work, i tune to coz early morning mmg slalunye i love to hear some ceramah and zikir. its a good start for ur day tau *wink* trylah.... there is this ustaz talking about azan & gelombangnye. its truely amazing how he explained it in scientific terms..

Dari Dr Azhar Sarip: Ada 4 tahap gelombang otak (paling tinggi ke paling rendah)

Beta - stress, semasa berfikir, bekerja...
Alpha - santai, tonton drama (terasa berlakon sekali)...
Theta - tidur2 ayam, tenang...
Delta - tidur nyenyak tanpa mimpi...

90% manusia duduk di gelombang Beta: nakal, stress, buruk sangka dengan Allah(paling buruk). however, Azan pulak berada di gelombang Theta. Banyak perkara ajaib berlaku di dalam gelombang ini. Dunia akan rosak binasa seandainya tiada gelombang Theta. Azan menstabilkan dunia ni.. dari gelombang terlalu tinggi atau terlalu rendah. Seboleh mungkin lakukanlah solat seawal waktu (tepat pada waktunya) kerana gelombang rendah masih di situ bagi memudahkan khusyuk di dalam solat kita, Insya Allah. He did mentioned that without gelombang theta.. mungkin terjadi kiamat ..

ustaz ckp we can try sendiri di mana pergi ke kawan yg lapang, berdiri di atas tanah liat
*i lupe another tanah he did mentioned* bukak selipar and start azan di dalam hati. kite akan rasa kelainan nye. selain tu, searching jugak on terapi azan, i jumpe ni...

Tutup lampu, pejam mata dan hayati Azan..kemudian cuba tidur.. lihat apa akan berlaku..

Jika rumahtangga dalam 'kepanasan', Azan di dalam rumah tersebut, insyaAllah..rumah akan tenang..
Untuk anak yang degil,diAzankan... insyaAllah...
dan banyak lagi kelebihan azan

and this video i pernah dapat thru email. itu bertulis la.. yg ni dia explained. exciting!!

you can also baca about theta brain waves yg explain secara scientifically

NO NO sheep gemok..... uwaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

hana : qist.. kalau kite tak tgk sheep gemok kat new zealand takpe ke?
qist : sheep gomok..... erm.... jap qist think
hana : aah.. papa work.. kite takleh tgk sheep gemok. tapi qist boleh tgk yg lain.. monkey ke, fish ke
qist : monkey.. sooo cuuute! tp qist takot shark sajee
hana : owh... takpe qist think dulu nnt qist ckp mama tau

later after that

qist : qist nk tgk monkey and dolphin saje!!
hana : haa.. ok.. nnt kite ckp papa. kite takyah tgk sheep gomok kat new zealand kay?
qist : ok! qist nk tgk monkey and dolphin sajee! yeay yeay!!

hopefully she understand why sheep gemok is not for this year.. *sob sob* mama dia yg sedih!!!! uuwaaaaaaaaaaaa. ya Allah... permudahkan lah urusan kami . amin....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

when NZ seems too far.....

can anyone suggest me how to travel abroad alone with small kid??? 

any tips? 

any frens u have in NZ?? 

i wanna gooooo!!!!!!! i promise qist to see sheep gemok

qist want to see this


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


pergantungan kite kepada Allah hendaklah sentiasa tinggi & tetap. percayalah... yakinlah...

janganlah ditakuti urusan manusia & duniawi semata-mata.. kerana segala keputusan yg kita

lalui datangnya dari Allah yg Maha Mengetahui

Sunday, March 6, 2011

a long Saturday *SMILEY FACE*

semalam i rasa the longest day ever!!! HOHO. 

woke up early morning to finish up my write up for submission by 10am. yeah.. work work work *borreenngggg* bile habis je submit.... LEGA!! *deep breath released* 

terus ke dapoq masak-masak for lunch sambil hati sudah senang my bro dah sangkutkan baju. XOXO amato! sambil masak sambil entertain qist mintak macam2. maklum laa... papa dia outstation

then after zohor ajak both my bro pidin + amato pegi MOFAZ *jeng jeng jeng* suspen..... i told him nak amik my ferrari. he said "ish.. mana ada org pakai ferrari kat malaysia. org gile je..." muahahahahhaha. yela.... kalau kite tak dpt beli, at least kite dreaming of having one! positive la konon....

sampai kat mofaz, check my car, denga bunyi vroom vroom kuat gile tak ingat. i tot org tgh service kete. skaliiiiii.... ferrari hitam kuar dari parking lalu sebelah my car!!!!! aduyaiyyy... runtuh jiwa tengooookkkk!! boleh pandang jelaaa kete pakcik fauzy *hi uncle* hehe. from mofaz then pegi kedai apek alarm system pulak. install hape tah. i dah rasa macam CIA pulak dok denga apek tu explain. ni la bahana nye amik kete time ku takde... owh nk buat special dedication sket

"hi k adelita! thanx for suggesting me a very good salesperon, sharifah. she is thumbs up! love my car, love MOFAZ services, love the ++. send my regards to ferhan ya"

so sape yg nak beli kete from MOFAZ, lemme know ya. tak kisah la u nk beli luxury car ke, imported car ke, ferrari estima honda etc.... nnt i can ask for a very good salesperson. guarantee nih!! *i dah bunyik cam marketers pulak*

balik tu dah ptg teruslah menuju ke alamanda sbb qist kata nk pegi toy r us, main slide, makan donut, main bowling. sampai pon dah maghrib. harussssslah lama bertapa kat sini. follow je la lil princess ni nak ape. tu yg penat tu! sempat jugak beli sunblock sbb i dah semakin concern dgn freckles and brown spot on my face *hukhuk* balik kul 11pm sbb tgu amato from shah alam amik we ols. then qist tya.. "mana white?" expecting my new ferrari dtg amik. kuang3... kecik hati uncle amato dia! LOL

sampai rumah dah lembik rasanya.. i think mesti sbb otak i dah tepu dari pagi dok buat keje, then denga apek tu explain lagi campur terkejut ferrari lalu sbelah i... haiyak! pastu tgu pulak ku call pukul 1230am. end up aku dok tgu jela sampai kul 130 sbb dia dah tertido!! ape kes~~~

ok sume.... gambate hari ni!!!

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