Thursday, July 14, 2011

i recommend this dining..... TASTE

i came across this TASTE restaurant in Bangi Sek 9 last month masa we have run out of places for dinner. bile balik dah penat haruslah makan luar. first time try i ordered Roasted Chicken Breast and ku pulak Lamb Chop.

for me, the way TASTE marinated and prepared the dish tak macam other kedai western. i benchmark against normal kedai makan western... not the hard core western dining yg very the vast itu ya!! they use a real marinate ingredient e.g rosemary, black pepper etc. and bukannye gune brown sauce powder like other kedai western. for the price paid.... for me TASTE has presented the food in a very up-scale food presentation and the food is just tasty!! we love the taste at TASTE. 

so earlier this month i bought groupon voucher for only RM9 worth for a chicken selection + muffin. its seriously worth of money. tp makan tak habis jugak coz the portion is big for the side dish i.e. mashed potato, curly fries.

thumbs up for you TASTE

visit TASTE fanpage today!

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