Friday, July 1, 2011

VACAY2011 : South Island, New Zealand Day 4

alhamdulillah... Day 4 we have already in Queenstown. this town is the second largest in South Island after Christchurch. this is where we camp yesterday.. its Twelve Mile Delta camping ground. betul2 tepi the big Lake Wakatipu. it was raining that morning when the ranger yg jaga tempat tu knock knock our merc!! terkezuuuuut den~~

from the campsite we dropped by the lake where ada tempat duduk. stop sebab nk snap snap pix je... sejookkkkknyyyeeee...... since kitorang berjaya bangon awal nih!!

our first destination.... Skyline @ Queenstown. its cost us NZD25 each. its a gondola ride where we are able to view the whole lot of Queenstown especially to see how big is the Lake Wakatipu.. serious besarrrrrr gile!!!! Mmg tak tipu laaa~~ LOL. this place also is where we can bungy jump *wink* sampai je kat atas...... masyaAllah.... lageeeey sejok kot!! ramai jugak org.... we have a tot "why not buat bungy kan". tapi kitorang awal sgt.. tutup daaa~~ bungy only starts at 12pm. ces!

masa kat Queenstown i tak plan beli souvenier or what not. sbbnye target to buy in Christchurch. we move on from Queenstown after lunching. since awal lagi, we dropped by at McD utk kasi chance princess main playground lagi~~ we met a Malaysian guy here *hi hanes* thanx for ur free latte for ku!! seronok actually jumpe Malaysian jugak masa travel ni..... on the way, we saw a rainbow!! ok i know... biasalakan ? but this one is actually a full rainbow!!! mmg nampak kaki ke kaki.. subhanallah~~ terus stop kat situ and snap snap. tp tak sempat snap the whole rainbow sbb awan dah start rendah tanda mcm nak hujan!! sejok tak hengat laaa... keluar sekejap je tangan dah nak beku~~ hoho. from Queenstown to Te Anau mesti kene lalu tepi Lake Wakatipu. perasaan lalu tepi lake ni.... rasa macam filem! u can see the water is dark and the awan with huge gunung at the back.... seriousla mcm LOTR feeling nye *wink* i have this cuak feeling jugak.. hehe

Sampai kat Te Anau dah start nk gelap… we stop by beli groceries sket and continue to our camp site in between Te Anau and Milford Sound….. Seperti biasalah kan…. Otw tu gelap kiri kanan and tak sure nk stop kat which campsite. After tgk a few campsite, we chose Cascade Creek camping ground. gelap.makan.sejok.tido. zzzzz

but there is "something" unexpected waiting for us the next morning... jeng jeng jeng!!!

next.. VACAY2011 : South Island, New Zealand Day 5. stay tune~

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