Sunday, July 3, 2011

new gadget arrived... its 2-months-waited-GPS

after our new "Ferrari" arrived last march, then Asus winning in april and before that Samsung join us *insyaAllah*...... semalam our latest gadget collection arrived!!! Nationwide Express called me yesterday. katanya ada parcel for Ku. i was like "ape yg abg beli?" pikir punye pikir..... ting! it should be the GPS yg kitorang dapat FOC masa signup Citibank Cash Back and Platinum Card in april kat IKEA..... sbenanye masa mamat citibank approach ku, ku buat2 tak minat la *as usual* bile dah jauh sket ku kata... "dpt gps la" i was "waaahh... jom kite pegi denga ape dia nk ckp" rupenye mmg betullll dpt gps!

gembira gembira tak terhingga~~ bak kata qist.. "mama... same la macam u-turn when pocible kat new zealand tu..." hahahaa... princess still ingat lagi first time dia tgk mende alah gps ni kat NZ aritu. dia ingat game.. the first thing she said was that "u-turn pocible" in which actually... "performing u-turn when possible" nampak sgt papa dia drive asyik ke laut! LOL

alhamdulillah..... our long waited GPS arrived and this GPS BAY E668XP full set with map inside (RRP RM699 with map, RM399 without map) has added up to our new gadget for this year  (^_^)

  1. Powered by SiRF Atlas-IV, dual-core, ARM11 CPU, 500MHZ, high performance and low power consumption
  2. Operated by Microsoft Windows® CE .Net 6.0 Core version
  3. Fashionable and ultra-slim 13.00mm design. (size: 96.60(L)* 75.00(W)* 13.00(H) mm) 
  4. Built-in high memory capacity.
  5. GPS navigation, photo browsing, MP3 and video player, E-Book etc  
  6. User friendly interface
  7. Data transferring using Microsoft Active Sync
  8. High quality receiving: accurate navigation, provide you with a pleasant, satisfaction navigation service.
  9. Best entertainment partner: multimedia player support (WMA,MP3,MP4 etc) 
  10. Power management: Ensures the product is working steady and uninterrupted
  11. Removable rechargeable 820 mAH Li-Polymer battery ( Nokia BL-5C compatible)
  12. Certified by CE, FCC, and SIRIM approved

source :

i always believe if we want something sooo bad, it will come to us in any form *wink* i wonder when will my Porsche arrived... i wish!! LOL

p/s : we have another unit un-open and thinking of selling it *hint*

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