Thursday, July 7, 2011

VACAY2011 : South Island, New Zealand Day 7 Part 2

from Greymouth, we are heading towards Christchurch via Arthur Pass. mmg dah target nk lalu sini since tak sempat nk try NZ famous TranzAlpine train. sepanjang perjalanan nak sampai Arthur Pass kene mendaki gunung. scenery.... superb! sampai kat Arthur Pass, teruslah masak lunch sambil happy hours. sempat jugak snap2 kiwi rail yg i terlepas nk snap kat Greymouth. princess sgt happy tgk choo-choo train depan mata. the Arthur pass signage kat bawah ni actually betul2 kat luar toilet! tempat ni not as big as town but rather just a pass. namanye pon Arthur Pass kan~~ it does not have much scenary sbb terletak in the middle of mountain

from Arthur Pass around 2pm gitu, we continue back our journey down the mountain and hill. subhanallah.... mmg all the scenary sgt menakjubkan~~~ from the cloud to the mountain, hill, snow, sunshine, trees, lake, river.... everything is perfecto!!! it has a different set of combination of the "painting canvas" 

amazing kan??? we came across also batu-batu kat bawah ni. terus teringat i kat Stonehenge UK. we wondered how this batu-batu terjadi kat sini. mesti tempat ni dulu ada a small hill or glacier left over ke... donolah~ (^_^)

there was also satu tempat yg berkabus sgt tebal even we cant see kereta from the opposite direction. thats why i cakap GPS is very very important when driving in NZ coz their climate change is far than predictable~~ 

mulanya we planned to camp just outside Christchurch sbb in the city takde camping ground. but our target camping ground ni quite far from the main road to Christchurch. it was in Oxford. when we approached Springfield, somewhere kat situ ada sign camping. its just beside a small road yg ada train rail. its on the left side i pon pelik coz in DOC list takde..... alhamdulillah kami dipermudahkan perjalanan n jumpe private camping site ni. its actually owned by invidual. kirenye tanah dia dia convert jadikan camping ground. bagus kan~~ syukur syukur!! first time kitorang sampai tak berapa gelap and we can see campervan kiri kanan tgh memasak. hoho

next.. VACAY2011 : South Island, New Zealand Day 8

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