Thursday, July 21, 2011

princess turns 3 today!!!

its princess 3rd birthday today. how time flies.. it feels like yesterday i was in that labour room with ku by my side sleeping after the delivery *wink* i want to continue qistina's journey from last year...

and presenting 

my lil qist... the journey of a princess

AUG 2010
@ Philips Island

SEPT 2010
discovered princess world

OCT 2010
swimming with Dora

NOV 2010
rotavirus attacked *hate it!*

DEC 2010
the love for flowers

JAN 2011
first time using touch pad.. perfect~~

FEB 2011
swim sampai kecuuuutttt!!!

MAR 2011
first time to safari.. kasi haiwan makan

APR 2011

first time pegang SNOW

MAY 2011
 sang full version of "air pasang malam"
we enjoyed the pelat song very much!!!
bunga melur = bunga molop
itik bertelur = itik betolo
encik baba = encik bubble
singgah = siap

JUNE 2011
discovering the WOW of iPad
@ Cherating with cousins.. really enjoying her days with cousins around

*pix credit to SirAbby*

JULY 2011

princess QISTINA 3rd birthday~~

papa & mama

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