Monday, July 25, 2011

what if tomorrow never come?

what if tomorrow never come?

what are your plans for today?
what are things you will miss today?
what are your unfinish target?
what are your faithful dream?

would you regret for things that never gets done?
would you regret for dreams that never realize?
would you regret for not giving happiness?
would you regret just being all-time-listener?


im still clueless.....
just like the autumn leaves falling
it never ends until autumn passed by
waiting for the answer
"why am i still falling?"

if i would talk, i would tell you how it feels
if i would cry, you will understand the pain
if i would run, i will go forever
if i would turn the time, i wouldn't want be the autumn leaves


why does the leaves still falling?

written by : hana.basri

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