Tuesday, July 5, 2011

VACAY2011 : South Island, New Zealand Day 6

after a long hours of travelling yesterday, we are ready for our glacier excursion *chewah!* Boundary Creek camping ground has a very stunning view of lake!! mmg sgt chantek.... subhanallah. the mountain at the background looks like a canvas painting here~~

our first stop wasthe very first Fox Glacier. since we went here during autumn, the amount of glacier is not that massive but still... very very visible!! dekat fox glacier ni we cant go too near to the glacier... takleh la nak pegang as ku wishes. only orang2 yg follow glacier tour or excursion je yg boleh pass thru. the place is quite big. siap ada heli ride lagi pusing2. how i wish time is on our side~~ the heli ride tu will cost around NZD200+ per person camtu. from our carpark, this glacier is not that far... its around 30 mins slow walk je... still manageable. among things yg i suka about this place it the red rock. haha. the formation of this ref rock looks very loooonggg.... byk layer2. have a look! after our laundry and lunch at the nearest holiday park, we go to the next glacier....

Franz Josef glacier on the other is bigger and further. mmg jauhlaaa nk jalan. at first we thot 30 mins je for the glacier view tapi..... glaciernye nun jauh di hujung. terpaksa la menapak for like an hour pulak!! mmg kalau baca kat sign bawah ni 1.5 hours return tp tu jalan mat salleh kot.... kite ni esp i yg kecik ni jalan 2 jam pon belum tentu habis!!! a bit frust jugak coz we couldnt manage to go near and touch the glacier. the furthermost we went was 2-2.5 hours walking!! and it was getting darker already...... ku said "abg teringin nk pegi sampai sana.. takpela next time kite dtg lagi"" and i surrendered since princess dah letih and merengek nk suruh dukung~~

for us, the glacier excursion tu mmg memenatkan~~ huu for me, i would want to have the glacier walk and perhaps heli ride one day... insyaAllah. that nite we camped at the Lake Mahinapua camping ground... and as usual, it was freaking dark when we arrived while some of the teenage lighted up unggun api and mabuk2 bising *sigh*

next.. the remarkable Arthur Pass in VACAY2011 : South Island, New Zealand Day 7

stay tune!

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